Leftover Christmas Muffins

I had a sad looking apple in the fruit bowl and a jar of mincemeat from Christmas. I made these. INGREDIENTS 400g Jar of Mincemeat 250g Self Raising Flour 2 teaspoons of Baking Powder 1 giant apple/2 medium apples, diced 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 50g sugar 1 egg, beaten Butter/Oil METHOD Sieve the flour, baking […]

A Tale of Two Biscuits: Spiced Christmas Cookies

I tried to make gingerbread, and this is what happened the first time I made it today: So, just like the Boy was when I told him I made gingerbread, you’ll be wondering what the hell that is. I don’t really make biscuits. And I was going half on remembering how I made gingerbread when […]

Rustic* Festive** Fruity Parcels

*Rustic = A euphemism for ‘looks like they were assembled by a toddler’. **Festive = I wanted to use the seasonal ‘C’ word but felt I might get beaten up by scrooges if I did. Hi everybody. I haven’t been feeling 100% all week. Each day brings on a new symptom and today at work […]