I have applied for another credit card, but wait, hear me out…

If you haven’t signed up for the Money Saving Expert newsletter then you are an idiot  I greatly recommend doing so. In today’s email they mentioned all the best ‘Free Cash’ offers for doing things you were going to do anyway. Including a Marks and Spencers 25 month 0% purchase card, which if you spend £100 […]

Another day, another spreadsheet

I am off work ill. I am the sort of person who meticulously plans out my day. Alright, some days it may be a bit vaguer, with a few things on a to do list and a rough structure, and other times every single minute is planned out. My point is I don’t do very […]

The Truth about Debt

Let me tell you the main thing about getting into debt. Getting into debt is super easy. Think about it, it’s managing your money that is hard. Making all those decisions, putting things back if you can’t afford them, saving up for things, that’s the hard stuff. But if you have had at some point […]