For the first time in a long time I wasn’t a complete headcase

Hi all, I have returned from my bestie’s hen party. And it was absolutely great. I did get ‘tipsy’ quite quickly and for some reason started talking about my star wars phone, I can’t even remember why now, but I was fine. I still felt a bit of ‘will all these cool, beautiful, profession ladies […]

My Worst Moments of Anxiety #1 Newport State of Mind (Part 1)

#1 Part 1 Newport State of Mind Newport, South Wales, UK 2011-2013 My worst moment of anxiety, unlike the previous four posts, did not take place on one day. It took place over a 20 month stretch of my life, the first 20 months I had as a Graduate from University. It was perhaps one […]

My Worst Moments of Anxiety #2 White Wedding

#2 Swansea, Wales 2015 Brecon, Wales 2016 I have decided to lump two weddings I have attended in the last few years together as the anxiety was the same at both. Since November 2015 I have attended 2 weddings. In both cases I was friends almost equally with both people in the couple, and at […]

My Worst Moments of Anxiety #3 Graduation Day

#3 Newport, Wales, UK 2011 I have a habit of getting extremely anxious at big social gatherings which are supposed to be happy occasions. It is primarily for this reason that I fear having a big wedding and instead hope to have a small one. In general I had poor mental health whilst at University. […]

My Worst Moments of Anxiety #4 PROM NIGHT

#4  WEST SUSSEX, ENGLAND 2005 In 2005 I was 16 and doing my GCSEs. I had learnt how to straighten my hair without burning my ear and I was going out with my first boyfriend. Things were going great. Not. I have struggled with depression, anxiety and mental health I would say since I was […]

Flip It

At the weekend I was chatting to my boyfriend. It was about my social anxiety. I was saying how in 2015 my biggest problem was the fact I was a financial hell mouth and somehow haemorrhaged money each month (each day would be more accurate) and felt like a bottom feeder living off my boyfriend. […]

My Worst Moments of Anxiety # 5

Whilst I am usually in a state of mild anxiety, there have been 5 defining moments in my life where my anxiety reached monumental heights and really buggered things up. #5 PARIS, FRANCE 2010 When I was in University most of my closest friends were doing one of the Photography courses whereas I did Film. […]

Are You Experienced?

One of my simple pleasures in 2016 was going to the City Centre library-usually each Saturday morning-and picking out new books to read from the money management and economics sections. Whilst I did still buy books in 2016 it was at a much reduced rate. In 2015 I would use the minimum payment on my […]