Financial Review of Weeks 13, 14, 15, 16 (I’m sorry for the delay)

Here’s the thing about working 7 days a week. Even when the 6th and 7th days of working total just 8 hours you find you lack the time to get everything done. My Blog has taken the hit. I will proceed with the financial reviews: FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Pizza, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Cookies, Bread, […]

This Wonderful World of Purchase Power: Financial Review of Week 8/52 2018

Ahem. I spent more on Thursday and Friday on personal spends then I have in some months. In fact it is very easy to say I spent more this week than I have in some months. It was all stuff that I needed, and also included The Boy’s birthday present, but the thing was I […]

Financial Review of Week 7/52 2018

Hi everybody, I would like to thank all my followers, old and new, for reading, cheers! Let’s see how I foolishly wasted wisely invested my money this week. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Ice Cream, Milk, Golden Syrup £3.84 Milk, Wash Tablets, Orange Juice, Cheese, Frozen Sweetcorn, Apples, Rice, Prawn Crackers £14.92 Poppadoms £1.45 Coconut Water x 4, Pizza […]

Financial and Personal Review of January 2018

Hi Everyone!!!! So it is now mid-February, so I think I can safely say I survived January, let’s look at how well I survived January, financially and personally. Long time readers of my blog will know I do financial reviews of my spending and accounts each month, but I have decided I will reflect on […]

Financial Review of Week 5/52 2018

Hi Everybody, The house needed restocking of food, apparently, despite the cupboards being full, but I think I just have ‘new month = new stock’ as a train of thought in my head. This week I had some pretty good bargains, or ‘wombles’ as I call them. I bought a £61.65 Amazon order which contained: A […]

Financial Review of Week 45

Hello all. This is the last of these till Sunday when I do a review of this week’s spending, how exciting (not). FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Big Tesco Shop £61.86 Marmite £2.25 Toilet Roll £3.99 Milk and Bread £1.85 Probiotic £8.09 Lots of tins, Lots of noodles, Lots of tea £12.85 Coleslaw, Gum, Icing writing pens £5.34 Milk, Chocolate, Sandwiches, Mozzarella, Cucumber, […]

Financial Review of Week 44

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do regarding these weekly reviews so let’s crack on. FINANCIAL REVIEW OF WEEK 44 (October 30th – November 5th) FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING (Things the boy bought whilst I was away) Chocolate, Fries, Pizza, Pepsi £7.29 Plasters £1 Strawberries £1.49 Chicken, Orange Juice, Bread Rolls £3.81 Flu Max, Cold Remedy, Deodorant […]