I do my accounts from payday to payday so it’s time to assess how I did financially last month. ACCOUNTS MONEY IN Leftover money in account £15 Wages £1218.42 Ebay Sales £55.95 We Buy Books £56.12 Cheque from my Aunt £25 Selling Bike £20 Ziffit £26.46 The boy buying some of my books £5 Holiday spending money £20 Ebay Sales £46.59 Gum tree £15 TOTAL = £1503.54 […]

Financial Review of Week 30

Another week, practically another month. I survive, but barely. I have gone spectacularly off the rails. I need to get a grip. Anywho…. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Fake Feta, Milkshake for the boy, Orange Juice, Red Onion £2.86 Bag Charge, Icecreams, Milk, Bread £3.10 Big Tesco Food Shop £69.09 Tupperware £4 Cookies for the boy £1 Three shower gels £4.47 Microwave […]

Financial Review of the week that just was (week 28)

Yep, another week has gone by and now you all have to sit through the weekly blog post about how I wasted my money and how I can’t make that mistake again (until next week). Ahem. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Pizza and Salad £2.95 Microwave rice x 4 and a packet of dates £2.65 Milk, Orange Juice, […]

Financial Review of Week 27

Hi everyone, A bit later than planned but here is my financial review of the week. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Batteries, Tape, Vitamin B pills, Ibuprofen, Hay Fever Tablets, Bath Salt £6.35 Magnesium tablets and Pro Biotics £12.28 Cereal Bars x 3, Bananas £3 Omega 3 Tablets £5.99 Hayfever Tablets, Paracetamol £1.13 Garlic Baguette and Pasta Ready Meal £2.82 Laundry Cleanser […]

Financial Review of Week 26

Hey everybody, it’s Sunday, that means it’s reflection time on the week’s finances. As this was a payday week the food budget amounts will be greatly inflated as I always do a monthly food order as soon after payday as I can. So don’t be too shocked. So here we, here we, here we f****** […]

JUNE 2017 EXPENSES – How did my money get spent in June?

Well another month has passed, it is time to look at how my money got spent in June, what categories, how much, etc. SOCIAL Social costs in June = £81.73 TRAVEL (DAY TO DAY) Travel costs = £38.30 GIFTS Gift costs = £30.07 And now the category I affectionately refer to as the I FUCKED UP category. I […]

June 2017 Accounts

Hi all. Payday was yesterday, time to look at the last month’s accounts. JUNE 2017 ACCOUNTS MONEY IN Wages = £1661.03 Savings = £20.03 Refund = £0.67 Selling books = £31.64 Loan from The Boy = £35 Cheque from my Mum on account of me having a breakdown = £100 TOTAL = £1848.37 MONEY OUT Bills = £1541.03 Expenses = £183.58 Overspends on food […]

Financial Review of Week 25

Well, everything has gone a bit to hell recently. We have stormed into the ‘over the over budget’ territory of the food/household shopping budget, and I have been getting by on not much more than hope. Here we go. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Ready meal (sigh), Garlic Baguette, Bread £4.12 Milk £1 Orange Juice, Baguette, Donuts £2.35 Frozen […]