Financial Review of May 2017’s Disposable Income Spending

Hi everybody, It’s the end of the month which means ‘END OF MONTH FINANCIAL ANALYSIS’ which is all fun and games in the Flo Household. Let’s look at how my money left my wallet this month. SPENDING SOCIAL COSTS = £49.64 GIFTS = £15.05 POSTAGE AND PACKAGING = £12.57 TRAVEL (DAY TO DAY) = £11.50 TOTAL SPENDING = £88.76 Quite […]

Financial Review of Week 21

Hi everybody! Sorry for the absence, today is a bumper version of the Financial Review of the Week as it will also include the finalised ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ budget spreadsheet. So here goes: FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Bread, Squash, Pattie £2.75 YEP, That was the only food expense in the house this week. So that […]

Financial Review of Week 20. Ta-Dah!

Hi everybody, Sorry for my maudlin posts yesterday. Life has been getting a bit on top of me recently. I must try and focus on what I can control and change and not what I can’t. Any who… FINANCIAL REVIEW OF WEEK 20 FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SPENDING Milk, Pasatta x 2, Mozzarella, Bananas and Bread £3.46 […]

Financial Review of Week 18

On account of HAVING NO MONEY last week was a but skinny in terms of finances. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Milk £1.49 Bread, Bananas £2.09 Milk, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Cottage Cheese, Mozzarella, Cucumber, Apples, Bananas £7.07 TOTAL SPENDS = £10.15 DISPOSABLE/DISCRETIONARY SPENDING SOCIAL Coffee £2.30 Burger £7 Coke and Beer £4.59 Bus £3 TOTAL SPENDS = £16.89 TOTAL COMBINED SPENDING = £27.04 Today I paid […]

Financial Accounts for April 2017

I thought it might be helpful to compare my money in during April, and the money that went out. MONEY IN Wages £1206.26 Birthday Money £90 Savings £20 Disposable income allowance £75 Extra Money £23.70 Money for Birthday £100 Money from Savings £295 TOTAL = £1809.96   MONEY OUT Bills £1206.26 Expenses post March Pay Day £26.08 Expenses pre April Pay Day £323.58 Overspend on food […]

Financial Review of April 2017

Another month has ended. Things are getting very ‘real’ financially for me, so I am going to analyse where I have been making mistakes. Here is a breakdown of my spending in April 2017. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING TOTAL SPENDS IN APRIL = £241.28 This was £41.28 over budget, which is far from ideal. I am going to […]

A Breakdown of My April 2017 Bills

Today was payday. Cue me doing a little dance and being in a very good mood today. A few months ago I showed what my bills look like compared to my earnings and I thought I would do an update. EARNINGS Wages = £1206.26 Birthday Money = £100 TOTAL = £1306.26   BILLS Final payment to Credit Card […]

Financial Review of Week 9

Another spendy week, the usual after payday. FOOD Lots of food! It’s easier to say I have £52.70 left out of the £200 budget. So £147.30 spent. WORK EXPENSE Milk for work £2 TRAVEL (DAY TO DAY) Bus £1.70 HEALTH Ibuprofen due to evil pains £2.29 SOCIAL Indian Meal £7.50 Coke £1.99 Burger, Chips, Onion Rings and Coke £17.55 Coke x 2 £5.40 San Pellegrino £2.65  […]