Spending Diary 3rd to 9th August 2020


Hi everybody,

I returned to work again this week, after having taken time off due to my recent bereavement. It felt good to get back to work.


This morning I bought two books for my Kindle, but I used Amazon vouchers to pay for them so it didn’t cost me anything. That was a saving of £7.52.

I took a walk to the nearest post box, which is also near a park that I decided to walk around the perimeter of before I started work. One of the letters I posted was an early birthday card to my nephew, my going rate for my nieces and nephews is £20 so that’s what the card contained. When I turned on my work lap top I had a lot of emails and messages to get through. One was from a colleague saying what my share of another colleague’s recent birthday gifts was, so I paid that.

It felt good to be back at work. I felt fully supported by the people I work with and I felt able to manage the work load.

At lunch time I used up some cashew butter I had opened in the cupboard for ages in a homemade houmous. I added chilli to it and copious amounts of extra virgin olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. It was a taste sensation. Best houmous ever.

I really felt like having some wine today, so I got my run out of the way early. I am up to day 98 in a row of running. I am aiming for 100. I hope I make it. The flat mate and I had batch cooked spaghetti Bolognese for dinner and we made enough portions for tomorrow’s lunch too.

I got most of the things done on my to do list but am still struggling with the bigger items. My mum once said to me that I should have a shorter to do list. Maybe she was right.


I slept in today. Yesterday I had about 5 hours sleep so I guess I needed to catch up. I still made work on time. It’s hard not to when I have no commute. I was in a MS Teams meeting in the morning, but the speakers on my laptop stopped working so I had to do the old trick of turning it off and on again.

At lunch time I used the leftover spaghetti Bolognese sauce with some pasta shapes and had that. I felt a bit queasy after lunch, not that I’m blaming the lunch. Probably just the medication I am on.

The flat mate felt we needed to do a food shop after we had planned our meals for the week so he made a list and set off for the shops. We are taking it in turns to go to the shops during the pandemic. About 20 minutes after he had left he called me to say that he needed me to come and meet him to help him carry back the shopping. I walked to where he was and we came back together with all the food shopping safely carried between us. He had bought nonalcoholic beers (we love these), Pepsi, Lucozade, milk, mushy peas, tortilla wraps, cheese rolls, cucumber, eggs, vegetarian mince, carrots, cookies, falafel, halloumi, houmous and courgettes. The flat mate doesn’t like the houmous I made yesterday, hence him buying some for himself.  The food shopping came to £26.95, but we split the food and household shopping between us.

Today was one of my drink free days. I try to have four a week. I plan on having some whisky tomorrow as celebration of my 100 days of running. Today was day 99! I did have some non-alcoholic beers today as I really do like them. I don’t really like soft drinks and non-alcoholic beers are just a more interesting soft drink to me. Apparently they do actually have some health benefits too. Not that I am claiming to know that for certain, it is just something I’ve heard.

We had sausage and mash for dinner, then we started watching The Umbrella Academy season 2. I loved the first season, and had read the comic book too. It was pretty good. It was rubbish night tonight so we only watched the one episode and then took out the bins and I tidied up the kitchen.

Finally I caught up with some stuff on my computer and then prepared for bed.



I got paid some Amazon vouchers from one of my side hustles today, so I put through an order for two notebooks, a book and some toiletries. It was £53.05 but it didn’t cost me anything and I selected free postage and packaging too. I had my most successful day at work of the week. I felt really sleepy around 5pm but had to wake up for a run with a friend at 6pm. Before that I saw an advert for Collectif clothing and felt in lust with a white dress. I was really tempted to buy it but I just bookmarked the page and decided to revisit it at another time when I was a bit flusher with cash.

I did my 100th run. My friend surprised me by bringing supporters along to the run. That really made my day. I did two laps of the park and then went home for some whisky and a falafel and halloumi wrap. I did my daily French lessons on Duolingo and after the flat was cleared up after dinner I relaxed and read Runner’s World magazine.


I had a bad night’s sleep so was in a moody funk all day. It wasn’t my proudest moment.

My sister had been in contact to ask if me and the rest of the siblings (I’m one of 6) wanted to chip in for a new laptop for my Dad for his birthday. I felt bad because I had already gotten my Dad birthday presents and I wasn’t sure I could contribute to the laptop as well. I would have to have a think about it.

I did a small run at lunch time with my flat mate who needed to run to the pharmacy to get his prescription. It wasn’t too bad a run. My 101st day of running in a row!

I was pretty sad all evening due to the lack of sleep and eventually went to bed at a decent time. I believe in the restorative powers of a good night’s sleep and I felt that everything would be ok in the morning.


I felt a lot better after a good night’s sleep. I had a good day at work too. On impulse I bought a book for my Kindle, Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. I still feel I need to get a lot sorted with my sleep, and I had best work on it over the weekend as I have some early morning meetings next week. I paid for the book with vouchers so it didn’t cost me anything in cash and was a saving of £3.99.

The flat mate and I have rapidly made our way through the non-alcoholic beer stash. So I went on the Flavourly website who I get a monthly beer crate from and ordered a case of low percentage beers we have had before. That came to £36 which interestingly is more expensive that the actual beer crate I get. I haven’t yet worked that out. Oh well. Neither the flat mate nor I drive and carrying back beers of any variety is a lot of hard work from the local shops so buying online works well for us.

I decided to contribute to my Dad’s laptop birthday gift. I sent my sister £30 towards it. She had found a very affordable model with all the trimmings my Dad would want so between us kids and my step mum it would be doable.

I caught up on this week’s episodes of Neighbour’s, and I will also do the same for The Heights which is another daytime Australian show I like.

Today marks 20 days until I become debt free. Whilst becoming debt free is still an achievement and something I have been working towards for a long time, it doesn’t matter as much to me now that my Mum is gone. I just wish I could share this with her.

I decided to make the house all nice and tidy for the weekend ahead. It’s something I like to do on Friday’s so it is one less thing to do at the weekend. I had already done the worst job which is the washing up so it was just general clearing up that needed to be done. My flat mate’s girlfriend had repotted my peace lily so I had three new plants to find places for.

Sitting around with my phone later I impulsively bought the latest album by the band Sparks. After using Amazon vouchers it didn’t cost anything, so was a saving of £10.99. However I did sign up to a one week trial of Amazon Prime which cost 99p, but I cancelled it as soon as I placed the order.


My alarm went off at 8am, but I slept for a further two hours. Bad Flo.

I like ‘pottering’ about for a couple of hours in the morning before I do anything, so it was about midday when I went to the shops to do the weekly food shop. I bought 2 packs of alcohol free beers, 2 cartons of oat milk, orange juice, a 1kg tub of peanut butter, 0% fat Greek yogurt, onions (brown, red), cucumber, green tea, garlic bread, tomatoes, beetroot, ground coffee, mozzarella, 2 packs of goats cheese and 2 lots of spaghetti Bolognese ready mix spices. The shopping came to £32.58 because I got 10% off it using the Tesco clubcard plus app.

Once home I tidied up and messed around on social media, and then at 3pm I went for a 5km run. As I left the house I realised I was going to try and run the furthest I’ve run since hearing about my mum’s death, and it would be the same route I did on the day she passed away. I found the run very tough. It was extremely hot in Wales today and even though I was wearing lightweight capri trousers and a vest I was still boiling hot and sweating like crazy. Sorry for that image. I had a very cool shower when I got home and did my weekly beauty maintenance (shaving, face mask, body scrub). I then made a really nice dinner of goat’s cheese, beetroot and walnut macaroni cheese. You can find the recipe on my blog now.

It was nearly 9pm before I settled down for my daily Duolingo lesson. I am learning French. I learnt French in high school, getting a mediocre grade C in my GCSE exam. I would say my grasp of French is much better now from the Duolingo lessons than it ever was in high school. Just goes to show that youth really is wasted on the young. I am taking it much more seriously now than I ever did in high school, which is a pity because when I was younger I was desperate to learn a new language. My Grandad was a Russian translator and my Aunt is a German translator. So languages must be in my blood somewhere.

I decided after my lesson I was going to relax with some Netflix and try to go to bed at a sensible time.


I slept in very late today, and still felt tired when I got up. That’s not how it should work! I had had a dream about my mum and felt sad when I woke up. I decided to get on with my day to distract me from it.

I tidied up the flat, then I went to the shops to do food shopping part 2. As it is just me in the flat this weekend there is only so much shopping I can carry on my own so decided to split the weekend’s shopping into two loads. I bought milk, Pepsi, Lucozade, mouthwash, beetroot juice, 2 tubs of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, frozen salmon fillets, frozen cod fillets, 2 packets of 4 chocolate bars, 2 slabs of chocolate, mushrooms, bread, eggs and bananas. It came to £27.15. I had saved £4.90 through various offers. I had also compared the price per 100g on the chocolate slabs against some other size bars they had in store, so I know I got the best price on them too.

I caught up with my admin stuff at home, then at 4pm I went for a run with my friend. It was still very hot even at that time. After the run we treated ourselves to an ice cream at a local Italian place. I had a two scoop ice cream of chuckleberry and a special milk ice cream. It was lovely. It came to £3.95, good ice cream is always worth paying for.

My Sparks CD had arrived today. My notebooks, skin care and book had arrived yesterday. When I got home my flat mate was back and was feeling sleepy on the sofa. Neither of us were in a hurry to eat dinner so the evening stretched out before us.

And with that I am signing off for this week. I really don’t plan on spending any more money today.





Spending Diary 13th – 19th April 2020

Hi everybody!

This is going to be a very short and boring blog post because here is the total of what I’ve spent this week.


Last week I placed an order with a local independent coffee shop shut because of Covid-19 for a 6 pack of Oatly Barista style oat milk as it’s my favourite. It was delivered on the 15th but I paid the invoice today. £8.40

That’s it for this week. A total weekly spend of £8.40.

So let’s try and liven this up a little.

I have a monthly food budget of £300 that runs from one pay day to the next. My flat mate splits this budget with me as we live together, have the same taste in food, and it works for us. So my total cost each month is £150. Currently of the budget we have spent £187.06 and have £112.94 left to last until the 28th, so I clearly have enough budget left to last me that time. I am still planning on focusing on using up my stores at home rather than shopping. Although in terms of fresh fruit and vegetables I only have half a cucumber, some orange juice, 3 onions, some beetroot juice and 1 apple left I do have loads of frozen fruit and vegetables left so I will be able to eat healthily and get my five a day, which I am a little obsessed with. I know guidelines have since come out to say we should be aiming for seven fruit and vegetables a day, but five isn’t a bad place to start.

In terms of my bills I have 3 left to be taken out of my account this month, and 2 are the big ones of my rent and my credit card bill, but I work to a zero based budget so I am not worried about paying them. It’s just a nice psychological boost to know that they have been paid each month. When my latest credit card payment clears my debt will be £750 and I’m aiming to pay it off at a rate of £150 a month so that it will be cleared when I get paid in August this year.

Although it will be nice to be debt free, I am of course more concerned about the pandemic at the moment. Which is why I am aggressively trying to save money and build up an emergency fund as quickly as possible, which without wanting to trivialise the situation has been made easier by being on lockdown.

Anyway, I wish you all a lovely Sunday. Do something nice, be with your loved ones, read, catch up on a box set, put your feet up or be productive, whatever you want.

Flo’s Spending Diary April 2020 (so far)

Hi everybody!

I’m relaunching the spending diaries I used to do on my blog, back when I wrote on it regularly. I will catch up on the whole of April so far even though it is longer than a week, and then next Sunday I will just do a review of the week gone.

Here goes!


I was due to start my period soon and was running low on supplies, but didn’t want to go to the shops more than necessary. I remembered seeing a company advertised on Instagram a while ago called TOTM (Time of the Month) who deliver nice organic supplies to you in the post. I bought 2 lots of pads. £6.80


Even though I’m working from home as is the whole of my team, it is still people’s birthdays and they must have presents. The latest birthday is my line manager’s on the 7th. One of the team organised it and I transferred her my share via Monzo. £3

I also bought four books on Kindle. Two were by Gretchen Rubin who I love, another was the very first book by ‘Mrs Moneypenny’ who is a financial journalist and also a presenter of a show I used to love called Superscrimpers that sadly doesn’t run anymore. I’ve read her other two books and love them. Finally I bought a book that had been in my Amazon basket for about 4 years and was making me feel guilty called ‘Behavioural Economics Saved my Dog’ by Dan Ariely, which is a collection of his work. This is the only one I’ve read so far of the four and it was good! £12.96


My friend Christina Thatcher who I met through a writing group she runs that I used to go to is launching her 2nd poetry collection ‘How to Carry Fire’ and she’s had to change the launch due to Covid-19. I had some spare money from my birthday so I finally bought both her poetry collections through her publisher. I’ve read the first ‘More Than You Were’ and it is simply stunning. Sparse, but stunning. £17.99


The flat mate and I braved going to the shops. Although we live together and don’t have to social distance we decided the best use of our time would be to split up and do half the shopping each. We had to go to 3 shops, doing a bigger shop in one of them, so we did split it fairly and this meant we could limit our time outside. I had to buy face cream for myself £10.58

I picked up cleaning supplies and some of the food shopping and the flat mate bought frozen food in Iceland and the rest of the fresh food shopping. Together we spent £64.07, so my half was about £32.03.


I’m not really running during lockdown. In fact I have only done one run and that was on Good Friday, but I have been missing running and wanted to keep in touch with the world of it in case things improve and my marathon does still go ahead later this year, so I bought one of those cheap 6 month magazine subscriptions for Runner’s World magazine. Like I said in my last post, I’m addicted to magazines! £6


I’ve subscribed to a company that does environmentally friendly laundry and dishwasher tablets and I was charged for my next order today. £8.05/£4.02


Today I posted a card each to my 4 nieces and nephews, and also my sister. It is my sister’s birthday soon and I like to send money to each kid at Easter so each card contained a tenner. £50

I did another big shop at Tesco that should keep me out of there until the week after. This shop may have contained a bottle of pink gin. £48.35/£21.18


I recently treated myself to a craft beer order on offer. I liked the company and the beers, so I upgraded the subscription and ordered a box of 20 beers for the flat mate and me. I managed to save £13.95 on the order through a series of deals so it cost us £21.90, or £10.95 between us.


This blog that you’re reading used to have a different domain name and I have since changed it through WordPress, new start new me! £11

TOTAL SPENDS = £186.51

This seems a little high, but the food shopping comes from another budget, so my personal spends were around £118 and £53 of that was gifts which don’t happen that frequently, so I feel ok about this. It was recently my birthday so I do have some spare cash at the moment which meant I could treat myself to a few books.

Hope you are all doing well. Stay Strong. Stay Safe.

Financial Review of Quarter 1 2020

Hi everybody!

I want to return to the spending diaries I used to do. I’ll admit, I don’t have the energy to do one for every week of this year so far. So please excuse me but I’m just going to do a review of what in business you may call ‘Quarter 1’ of January to March. I will however start doing spending reviews of the weeks from April onwards.

I expect that my spending habits are going to dramatically differ in the next quarter compared to this one. Do consider this very much a pre-Corona time.

Without further ado:

BEAUTY – £75.60

I regularly get various body parts waxed, plus I bought a few bits and pieces like hair dye, scrubbing brushes and toiletries, but as you can see my spends in this category are quite low compared to perhaps the average woman.

CHARITY – £26.50

I donated to two fundraisers. One for a local Arts Centre and another for a friend’s Dad who was shaving his hair and beard off to raise money for the NHS. I have since Covid-19 set up direct debits to a food bank and also the mental health charity Mind. I feel this category’s spend is a little low for three months as I try to donate about 1% of my income to charity each month, but I did struggle financially for the first quarter of the year.

CLOTHING – £171.47

This seems very high, but £90 of this total comes from buying a new pair of running shoes as my old ones were really wearing out. The rest of this is primarily made up of a few dresses, 3 bras, new PJs and a T-shirt.

GIFTS – £106.07

It’s been a few work colleagues and family member’s birthdays this quarter. Also I sent flowers to my Mum and Step Mum on Mother’s Day.

HEALTH – £289.78

Earlier this year I was training for a spring Marathon that has since been postponed to October. I invested quite a lot in my training and regularly went to either a physiotherapist or chiropractor or chiropodist to look after various body parts.

HOBBIES – BOOKS – £18.29

I’ve really got into my kindle and love nothing better than finding a great deal on a book I want to read. I have about 40 books on my kindle now that I haven’t read so I do need to catch up on my reading a bit!


Magazines are my guilty pleasure and I do have a bit of an addiction to them so I’m really pleased with this low amount, though this doesn’t include a rolling 3 month subscription to Moneywise magazine as I consider that a bill.


This is a little out there, but I invested £10 in a peer to peer loan site and I should get a rate of interest back, however for now this is how I’ve chosen to categorise this spend.


This could have gone in the category above. My favourite band is Queen. I also collect coins. The Royal Mint has released a commemorative £5 coin for the band Queen, so I had to buy it. The coin and postage and packaging was £16 but the coin has a legal tender value of £5 and it is this sort of maths that probably explains why I’m poor!

HOMEWARE – £59.32

As a recent birthday treat to myself I bought high thread count bedding. It was from Primark so it was still good value for me, but was more than I typically spend on bedding. I also bought a few kitchen bits to help me survive Covid-19 such as stuff to make my own oat milk from.


I always feel this category is really high and I do really try to reduce it. This category is for food I buy out of the house on my own, for instance getting a canteen lunch at work. Even though I’ve just gone through the spreadsheets I still can’t explain why this category is so high.


This is mostly from buying stamps as I write a lot of letters to my family.

RACES – £165.85

I had a refund on one of these races as it was postponed due to Covid-19 to a date I couldn’t do as that’s when my postponed marathon’s date was changed to. I entered 3 half marathons this year, and one of those was cancelled due to the storms in February and then Covid-19 meant that that race still hasn’t been rearranged, so I may end up getting a refund on that one too. For the point of ease I’ve included the total amount I spent at the time and haven’t deducted any refunds.

SOCIAL – £229.21

I feel I didn’t socialize much this year, but I guess my bank account likes to differ! I did go to a nice birthday meal with my work colleagues. I also tend to ‘date myself’ and go off to the cinema on my own so I have seen a few films before Covid-19 changed the landscape.

TRAVEL – £285.10

Like the races category I have had around £85 of this total refunded due to Coivd-19 cancellations, so the total I spent is lower, but like I said I include the full price I spent as that money did leave my account at the time in full. I have been travelling home a few times this year to visit my Dad who was still in hospital at that point. There were also trips I was due to make which as mentioned have now been cancelled.


I contribute £2 a month to a tea kitty at work, plus I buy my own herbal teas to take into work. I think this amount is very reasonable for 3 months, go me.

TOTAL SPENDS = £1707.26

This is the total amount I spent on my disposable income spending, as in my money for what I want to buy. It seems quite high as that is nearly £600 a month on just myself and I feel that money could be better used for savings or debt repayments, so hopefully lockdown will change my spending habits. I’m not saying lockdown is a good thing (apart from keeping people safe), but it would be nice if some selfish good came out of it.

I also spent £487.48 on my half of the food shopping this quarter. I split the food and household shopping with my flat mate (the ex) so I just divided the total amount by 2. I think less than £500 is good for 3 months.

I’m interested to see what the next 3 months brings in terms of my spending.



Financial Review of Week 42

Hi everyone.

It’s time to confess.

My mental health hasn’t been great recently and I have been spending.

The thing is, what I am buying is all essential things. Food, toiletries etc.

BUT, we are so shockingly over the ‘Food and Household Shopping Budget’ that it seems laughable to say we ever had a budget in the first place.

I don’t get it, I am only buying what we need, yet the cost of living seems to be so high that it is impossible to stick to the budget.

I really don’t get what has happened.

This is very worrying, because as we all know, on Thursday it will be my last day at work, and unless my life gets a deux ex machina plot device soon it is safe to say I will be unemployed for an as yet indeterminate amount of time.

Anyway, let’s look at how the money has left my wallet this week.


Pizza £2

Paracetamol, Throat Sweets, Milk £1.35

Face wipes, Plasters, Face Wash, Face Scrub, Mouth Wash, Toothpaste, Day Cream, Razors, Hand Cream, Moisturiser, Paracetamol £26.66

Bag for life, Cereal Bars, Cereal x 2 £7.77

Cheese, Soup x 5, Blue Cheese, Milkshake, Bread Rolls £9.46

Foil, Potatoes, Reed Diffuser, Rice x 4, Paracetamol, Lingerie Wash Bag £8.16

Squash, Orange Juice, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Sausages, Cucumber, Bread £8.17

Meat Pies £2

TOTAL SPENDS = £65.57!!!!!!

I’ve spent less on a monthly food shop online at times!


Moving swiftly on…



CONTRABAND (So to recap, these are purchases that go against my rules for the No Spend Year I am doing)

Wraps x 2 £2.65

Sandwich £1.99

Sandwich £2.99

(Total spends = £7.63)


Biscuits and Booze £15.82


Bus tickets x 4 = £4


Coach fare to visit Sister in November £45.80


Train to Bristol £3.90

Water, Gum and Brownie £3.13

Pasty and Wedges £7.28

Coke £3

Cider x 2 £5.30

(Total = £22.61)



Erm, that’s a lot of wonga.

Which I don’t have.

I need to get a grip.




Be Prepared to be Bored…6 Month Expenditure Comparisons

I decided that on the 1st of April 2015 I would start keeping a thorough spending diary. I said that this was because it was the start of a new tax year but really it was because I hadn’t had the idea in January.

I never expected to keep it up, but I did. And since that date not a single purchase has gone unnoticed.

I decided for sh**s and giggles to do a spending review at the end of September 2015, which sounds like I had given it a lot of thought but really it was because I hadn’t actually kept track of the spending in any formalised way, I had just shoved the receipts in a folder.

And then I decided to divide the spending into categories as by that point I had fallen in love with spreadsheets (they still remain one of the loves of my life).

I won’t bore you with gory details, but let’s look at some stats concerning my disposable income and food/household spending.

APRIL 2015 – SEPTEMBER 2015 TOTAL SPENDS = £3105.35

APRIL 2016 – SEPTEMBER 2016 TOTAL SPENDS = £3670.45

APRIL 2017 – SEPTEMBER 2017 TOTAL SPENDS = £2856.16


So this means…

Average spend per month (on food and fun times) in April 2015 – September 2015 = £517.55 

Average spend per month (on food and fun times) in April 2016 – September 2016 = £611.74

Average spend per month (on food and fun times) in April 2017 – September 2017 = £476.02

So compare this year, the ‘no spend year’ to the first year I started keeping records and my spending has decreased by £41.53 a month (or just over 8%). This is a saving of £249.18 during that time period.

Compare this year to last year, when I went off the rails during my four months of unemployment, and my spending has decreased by £135.72 a month (just over 22%). This is a saving of £814.32 during the same time period.

So for all my struggles with money, for all my cheeky contraband purchases now and again, for all my blog posts that begin ‘I have 72p to last me until payday’ this is clear, hard evidence that my sacrifices have been worth it, that I am making great strides towards paying off my debts, that I am doing well.

Can I get a pat on the back now?

Financial Review of Week 36


I don’t plan on leaving the house today, I’ve got too much desperate-search-for-a-new-job to keep me going. Plus I’ve got to batch cook my work lunches, it will be lentil based I’m sure, I just don’t know what. I am going to look through my cupboards later for inspiration.

So here, a little early, is the financial review of this week.


As it was Zero Waste Week this week I wanted to go Monday-Friday only buying Milk and Bread and saving other items for the weekend shop on the basis we had SO MUCH F****** FOOD in the house.

We achieved that.


Milk and Bread £2.09


Milk, Yoghurts x 2, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Cucumber, Parsnip, Carrots £6.10

Toilet Roll £3.99

Kitchen Roll, Coat Hangers, Electric Toothbrush Replacement Heads £9.97

Frozen Onion and Frozen Sweetcorn £2.29

Sponges, Bread Rolls, Mozzarella x 2 £2.40





Bus Tickets x 5 = £5


2 x Rolls = £4.60

Chocolate Bars x 3 = £1.50

SD Card for Phone £1.21

Rain Coat £5.50

TOTAL = £12.81!!!!!!!! (YOWZA’S)


Gum x 4 = £3.96


Posting Birthday Presents x 2 = £4.70



Let’s look at some stats.

I have £16.05 left of the food and household shopping budget with…ahem…16 days until it resets. I think we may be eating dust for a part of that time if we want to remain in budget. I know there are all those challenges where you live on £1 a day, which I am tempted to try

In terms of my disposable income left I have….£0. Well, I do have some money in my bank account, but I want to do some damage control first to see how much I have left after bills are taken out (I get my final statement of the month tomorrow) and I may be in debt already as I owe the boy some money for a football match ticket we are going to in October. So I’m guessing part of today may involve selling everything I own on Ebay.

I was talking to my counsellor last Monday about my money troubles and she offered to reduce the rate down to £15 a session, which I initially said no to, but man I am so tempted, but I think there is a real chance I may become unemployed soon so I may save the offer till then when I will really need it.

Things are going to get tough. We are on the descent to Christmas, an event I pretty much have to plan in January in order to figure out how I can afford to do it. I have a large family, plus the boy’s family, plus certain key friends, plus the boy to all consider. I like to send Christmas cards to everyone and anyone and have many family members living overseas. I also have family members who have birthdays either in December or January and I include them in the Christmas budget. Plus there is the Boxing Day Football match, train tickets to see my family who live in the South of England, plus wrapping paper!!!!

All in all I think Christmas will cost me around about £500, and I will have to subsidise a lot of that with vouchers I earn through survey sites. It will be tough, but possible.



Financial Review of Week 34

Howdy everybody.

Week 34 involved payday, so that meant we could buy food again without doing any ‘creative accounting’.


Vitamins, Stock Powder and Dried Figs £15.27

Rice, Naan, Poppadoms and Wraps £7.68

Meat for the boy, Frozen peppers and onions £10.29

Listerine, Toothpaste, Dental Floss £10.95

Milk, Sweet Potatoes, Chocolate Chips, Cucumber, Baking Potatoes, Bananas, Bread £7.15



Tupperwares and baking trays £6.56

Ice Cream, Apple Pie, Coconut Oil, Eggs £11.09

TOTAL = £174.07 (YIKES!)




Coffee £2.35

Gum and Sandwich £5

Sandwich and Chocolate Bar £2.89

2018 Diary £0.99

TOTAL = £11.23


Bus Tickets x 5 = £7


Takeaway Pizza whilst watching WWE Summer Slam £10

Treats for Summer Slam £3.19

Wetherspoons Dinner £4.55

TOTAL = £17.74


Gum £1.58

Gum £0.99

TOTAL = £1.57


Postage and Packaging on order £1.49

12 First Class Stamps £7.80

2 x Envelopes, 3 x Postcards £3.16

TOTAL = £12.55



Quite a hefty week spends wise. I will have to rein it in a bit the rest of the month.

I mean, I don’t really have a choice. I don’t have enough money left to have that sort of week again.



Hi everyone,

Let’s get to it.


Mayonaise, Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Burger Buns £3.55

Paracetamol x 2, Hay Fever Tablets, Gum £2.16

Milk, Mushy Peas x 2, Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Eggs, Paprika, Sweet Potato, Potatoes, Cucumber £9.63

Orange Juice, Milk, Bread £2.59

TOTAL = £17.93


Travel (Day to Day)

Bus Tickets x 6 = £7


Gum x 2 = £1.98


5 Coffees and 1 Cake = £7.94

Postage and Packaging

Envelopes x 2 (£2)

Posting 2 Ebay parcels (£19.40)

TOTAL = £21.40




Financial Review of Week 32

Hello everyone.

Delayed due to internet issues, here is the financial review of the week previous to this one (7th – 13th August)


Orange Juice, Twirl Bars, Cucumber £2.35

Danish Pastries, Frozen Broccoli, Milk, Celery, Courgette, Bananas, Leeks, Cereal Bars, Carrots, Bread, Pasta Sauce £10.44

Chicken Tikka, Steak Pies, Frozen Peppers £6.29





Gift bag £1.29

Lip balm and hand cream £4.90

Cookies £1

Wine £5

Card for my Mum £2.50

TOTAL = £14.69


Train fare to visit family = £33.75