Store Cupboard Veggie Cottage Pie

I batch cooked a load of cottage pie for tea and lunches this week. I used up A LOT of ingredients from the stores. Things banished from the cupboards include: 100g dried soya mince (a bit of a faff to prepare but so cheap) 1 x 400g tin Haricot Beans 1 x 400g tin cut […]

Tart Me Up or Down Easy Macaroni Cheese

It’s been a while since I last posted a recipe, and this is a household favourite, to the point that I haven’t thought to include it till now because everyone has a Macaroni Cheese recipe, this is mine. To an extent it could be considered healthy because it uses cottage cheese for part of the […]

The ‘I’ve had a bad day’ Korma

Sometimes you need carbs and spicy, comforting, stodgy food. I have had a bad day today. I feel I need to mull over exactly what has happened but lets just say it heavily involved my social anxiety and a twat of a woman. This is a recipe from the BBC good food website, it is […]

I now have enough peanut butter to last me the rest of the year (Deal of the Day)

I am one of those people who has ‘principles’ about some items they buy and try to only buy Peanut Butter that contains no Palm Oil. I don’t judge anyone for being different to me. If your personal preference is to buy a peanut butter that contains palm oil that is fine, I don’t care, […]

What do you do with a packet of instant mash?

Today’s recipe comes courtesy of a lovely little book I got for Christmas called Eat Well, Waste Less: An A-Z guide to using up your leftovers by Bish Muir. As you know from my previous post  I have a food cupboard crammed to the brim with ‘Why the hell did I buy that?’ packets and tins. […]

I Made a Food!

Today I banished three of my tins from the tin store of hell. I made the above, a little red bean chilli, adapted from ‘The Bean Book’ by Rose Elliot. When I say adapted, I mean I went totally renegade on the recipe and added frozen sweetcorn and peppers, paprika, smoked paprika (when one type […]

Eventually is where I got

Had a half day at work today. I celebrated having extra time at home by doing something extremely exciting and dangerous. I did a complete food cupboard inventory. Whaddaya mean that’s not dangerous? A tin could have fell off the shelf and hit my foot! As mentioned before I have food hoarding tendencies. There are […]