A recipe in three parts: The Get in my Mouth Fruit and Nut Bars

So the theme of Saturday was to get my Bake on, even though this recipe involved no ovens, or heat of any description.

It is so simple, and yet I cannot take credit, as the recipe was told to me by another member of the Money Saving Expert forum, it is devised of three parts of equal measurements. You can have creativity with what you chose.


1 cup nuts (The original poster used cashews, I used half almonds and cashews)

1 cup dates

I cup other dried fruit (the original poster used sultanas, I used dried apple rings cut up)

My goodness, the dried apple rings smelt so strongly of apple cider that I looked around the kitchen expecting to see some Bristol City FC Fans had taken roost.

(You will also need a better food processor than mine)



Soak the nuts and dates for a couple of hours in 2 cups of water.

Drain the nuts and dates and add both of them and your other cup of dried fruit to a (good quality) food processor and blend until you have what is supposed to be a thick paste but what for me was just a sticky bunch of food.

Place your mix into a container/mould and freeze for several hours, taking it out half way through to cut into squares.





Odds and Sods Flapjacks

I have eaten two chunks of this whilst still warm from the oven and I dare go one further from saying it is ‘edible’ to saying it is ‘delicious’.

It tastes a bit like the berry flavour Trek Bar, which at one point I was buying at least once a day.

It has banished so many items from my cupboard, there is actually a slither of space in there now.

Also it uses a secret ingredient.

Be prepared to be amazed/repulsed.

It contains…pureed banana peel (obviously no stalk or end bit).

Well, I do hate waste.

It is called the Odds and Sods Flapjack because it contains a little bit of everything. You can make up your own measurements of things.


One ripe banana and banana peel cut into little chunks (cut off the stalk and end)

About 300g of oats (disclaimer-I used a 220g packet of pre-made crumble mix which was essentially oats and then topped up with more)

About 250g-300g of seeds and dried fruit, I used the last of my mixed seeds, some flax/linseeds, dried cranberries and 150g of dried mix fruit.

150g Frozen berries.

Honey (I used what was probably about 2 tablespoons)

Coconut Oil (about 1.5 tablespoons)

Peanut Butter (about 1.5 tablespoons)


First up, measure out your frozen berries (my pack was bought last summer and has been untouched since then in the freezer) and place them in a pan with a little bit of water and put on a low heat to defrost/cook.

Place your dried fruit and seeds, particularly if you are using linseeds, in a food processor and pulse for a little bit just to give the linseeds a chance to lose their husk.

Pop the dried fruit, seeds and oats in a bowl.

Pop your banana and banana peel into the food processor and pulse into it is banana mush and add to the dried fruit, seeds and oats.

If your berries have defrosted add them to the bowl with all the other ingredients.

Add the coconut oil, peanut butter and honey to the saucepan you just had the berries in and melt together. It is ok to use either crunchy or smooth peanut butter. I used crunchy.

Once this has melted add to the bowl with all the other ingredients and give a good mix till it has all come together.

Pop in a baking pan/tray/dish covered in baking paper and pop in the oven at Gas Mark 5/190 degrees (thank you itsabakerslife 🙂 ) for about 40 minutes until a skewer comes out clean when you test it.

This recipe was adapted from about 3 separate suggestions in a book I got for my birthday that I love called ‘My Zero-Waste Kitchen’ which is a DK (Dorling Kindersley) book. They were the ones that told me banana peel is edible. This recipe is adapted from a fruity flapjack recipe they have that I kinda went freestyle on. I do feel this recipe is more mine then anyone elses, which is great, as it is only recently I feel like I am confident enough to make something on my own.

The book also suggests these flapjacks can be ‘cooked’ raw by placing them in a freezer and then a fridge.

People in my life had thought I was good at cooking but all it was really was that I could follow a recipe and end up with a similar end product to the one in the picture. Making something on your own, with your own recipe seemed like magic. I still can’t claim to know the rules of cooking/baking but I am getting there.