Review of February 2018, both Financial and Personal

FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING In 2017 my food budget ‘months’ ran roughly from the 27th to the 26th of the following month, this was due to being paid on the 27th. Now, I am paid weekly, so I have decided that my food month will now be a standard month in terms of the budget. […]

Financial and Personal Review of January 2018

Hi Everyone!!!! So it is now mid-February, so I think I can safely say I survived January, let’s look at how well I survived January, financially and personally. Long time readers of my blog will know I do financial reviews of my spending and accounts each month, but I have decided I will reflect on […]

My goals for 2017 updated (and progress so far)

Hi Everybody, At the start of the year the boy and I set individual goals and combined goals. On our epic train journey back home yesterday I decided for s**** and giggles to have a look at them in my notebook and see how we are getting on. I think the boy would be horrified […]

Hi, my name is Flo, and I’m in debt

Hi everybody. Well it’s a new year. In 2016 I started the year with  £5150 of debt. I was determined to cut back, reduce, and most of all stop spending money. Oh, and to pay off my debts. I clearly did a great job because I ended  2016 with  £5996.12 of debt. Uh oh! How did […]