My Top 15 Own Brand Products From Tesco

Disclaimer: The prices I quote are based on the price I paid when I most recently bought the product, so they may have changed by now. Also this post was entirely made by me and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Tesco in any way. I just merely wish to share the love I […]

October 2017 Spending Review

Hi Everybody! (I always begin these posts with ‘Hi Everybody!’ to try and attract attention for the posts which historically get the least views) So time for an analysis of how my disposable income was spent in October. This is what I was calculating on my spreadsheet at 11.50 pm yesterday. GIFTS £37.68 The majority was […]

Financial Review of Week 43

Hi everybody! Well it is only three days late, here is the financial review of last week. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING (Quite frankly an indecent sized) Pizza £3.65 Milk, Cheese, Toilet Roll, Bread, Bag for Life £5.96 B I G Online Morrison’s Food Shop £55.96 TOTAL = £65.57 This is reasonable, unfortunately the Boy may have run amok whilst […]

Be Prepared to be Bored…6 Month Expenditure Comparisons

I decided that on the 1st of April 2015 I would start keeping a thorough spending diary. I said that this was because it was the start of a new tax year but really it was because I hadn’t had the idea in January. I never expected to keep it up, but I did. And […]

Financial Review of Week 35

The review of the week of 28th August to 3rd September. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SPENDING Milk and Lucozade (I was ill) £2 Shampoo, Conditioner, Coconut Milk, Fajita Spices, Poppadoms, Veg Rice x 2 £6.13 Milk, Orange Juice, Mozzarella, Apples, Cucumber, Gum, Bananas, Carrots £7.47 Disappointing Danish and Crap Coffee £4.30 Tin Opener, Whisk, Vitamin C Tablets £5 Donuts and Biscuits £1.65 […]

Financial Review of Week 34

Howdy everybody. Week 34 involved payday, so that meant we could buy food again without doing any ‘creative accounting’. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Vitamins, Stock Powder and Dried Figs £15.27 Rice, Naan, Poppadoms and Wraps £7.68 Meat for the boy, Frozen peppers and onions £10.29 Listerine, Toothpaste, Dental Floss £10.95 Milk, Sweet Potatoes, Chocolate Chips, Cucumber, Baking Potatoes, Bananas, […]


Hi everyone, Let’s get to it. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Mayonaise, Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Burger Buns £3.55 Paracetamol x 2, Hay Fever Tablets, Gum £2.16 Milk, Mushy Peas x 2, Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Eggs, Paprika, Sweet Potato, Potatoes, Cucumber £9.63 Orange Juice, Milk, Bread £2.59 TOTAL = £17.93 DISPOSABLE/DISCRETIONARY SPENDING Travel (Day to Day) Bus Tickets x 6 = £7 Health […]