Financial Review of Week 22

I am so horrified by how little money I have and how little remains of the food budget that I am just going to post and run… HOUSEHOLD AND FOOD SHOPPING Milk and Bread £2.58 Medication £6.38 Crisps, Pizza, Pasta Sauce, Grapes, Cucumber £7.34 Coke, Pizza, Donuts, Bag for Life £4.24 Shampoo £0.75 Kitchen Roll, Fajita spices, Wraps, 7 x […]

I do the best impression of myself

I need money. Due to basically spending all of the month’s food budget already, we have had to increase the budget by £50, and to be honest we have admitted defeat, and the new monthly food budget for the rest of the year will be £250. This means I had to find a way to front my £25 […]

Financial Review of Week 21

Hi everybody! Sorry for the absence, today is a bumper version of the Financial Review of the Week as it will also include the finalised ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ budget spreadsheet. So here goes: FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Bread, Squash, Pattie £2.75 YEP, That was the only food expense in the house this week. So that […]

Financial Review of Week 20. Ta-Dah!

Hi everybody, Sorry for my maudlin posts yesterday. Life has been getting a bit on top of me recently. I must try and focus on what I can control and change and not what I can’t. Any who… FINANCIAL REVIEW OF WEEK 20 FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SPENDING Milk, Pasatta x 2, Mozzarella, Bananas and Bread £3.46 […]

Financial Review of Week 18

On account of HAVING NO MONEY last week was a but skinny in terms of finances. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Milk £1.49 Bread, Bananas £2.09 Milk, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Cottage Cheese, Mozzarella, Cucumber, Apples, Bananas £7.07 TOTAL SPENDS = £10.15 DISPOSABLE/DISCRETIONARY SPENDING SOCIAL Coffee £2.30 Burger £7 Coke and Beer £4.59 Bus £3 TOTAL SPENDS = £16.89 TOTAL COMBINED SPENDING = £27.04 Today I paid […]

Financial Review of … What Week Is This? (It’s 17, Flo)

Hi Everybody, Well this week the shhhhhh hit the fan and things will have to dramatically change. But until then let’s have a look at how the little money I had left my wallet this week. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SPENDING Milk and Bread – £2.68 A big monthly food shop on payday – £91.30 8 x Microwave […]

Happy Easter (Financial Review of Week 15)

Happy Easter everyone. I am planning on turning my chocolate eggs into either a tiffin or brownies, but haven’t decided yet. Any who… FINANCIAL REVIEW OF WEEK 15 FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Bread £1.19 Wraps £0.65 Frozen Onion, Frozen Sweetcorn, Frozen Broccoli and Milk £4.33 Indian Sides and Poppadoms £3.45 Milk, Apples, Bananas, Meat Pie for the boy, Sweet […]

Now bare with me, this might not be the most interesting post…

…but to me it is one of the most important ones when showing my development over the last two years. As mentioned I have kept a spending diary since April 1st 2015. Every little penny I spent, whether it was hundreds of pounds on clothes or a 60p overdue book fine at the library I […]