Financial Review of Week 7/52 2018

Hi everybody, I would like to thank all my followers, old and new, for reading, cheers! Let’s see how I foolishly wasted wisely invested my money this week. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Ice Cream, Milk, Golden Syrup £3.84 Milk, Wash Tablets, Orange Juice, Cheese, Frozen Sweetcorn, Apples, Rice, Prawn Crackers £14.92 Poppadoms £1.45 Coconut Water x 4, Pizza […]

Financial Review of Week 5/52 2018

Hi Everybody, The house needed restocking of food, apparently, despite the cupboards being full, but I think I just have ‘new month = new stock’ as a train of thought in my head. This week I had some pretty good bargains, or ‘wombles’ as I call them. I bought a £61.65 Amazon order which contained: A […]

June 2017 Accounts

Hi all. Payday was yesterday, time to look at the last month’s accounts. JUNE 2017 ACCOUNTS MONEY IN Wages = £1661.03 Savings = £20.03 Refund = £0.67 Selling books = £31.64 Loan from The Boy = £35 Cheque from my Mum on account of me having a breakdown = £100 TOTAL = £1848.37 MONEY OUT Bills = £1541.03 Expenses = £183.58 Overspends on food […]