Batch Cooking My Work Lunches: Brown Lentil Dahl/Soup

I call this Dahl/Soup as it was supposed to be a soup, and by some definitions still could be, but it could also resemble the texture of a Dahl. I will leave it to your own judgements to decide what side it falls on. WARNING: If you use dried lentils like I did then bear […]

The ‘I’ve had a good day’ Korma

Although I have gotten a little but more laissez faire with expiration dates on food stuffs, I’ll admit I still err on the side of caution. So when the Korma paste pot I bought for Monday’s ‘Sweet Potato and Pineapple’ Korma (also known as the ‘I’ve had a bad day’ korma) said it needed to […]

The ‘I’ve had a bad day’ Korma

Sometimes you need carbs and spicy, comforting, stodgy food. I have had a bad day today. I feel I need to mull over exactly what has happened but lets just say it heavily involved my social anxiety and a twat of a woman. This is a recipe from the BBC good food website, it is […]