Spending Diary 4th to 10th May 2020

Hi everybody,

I spent a lot more money this week than previous weeks. I’m beginning to really see an increase in my food shopping, though admittedly my food shopping habits have changed too. I’ve got to be careful and not let things run away from me.


My flat mate had returned and had some food he wanted in the kitchen, so I went shopping and came back with milk, bread, orange juice, margarine and raisins. £7.20, or £3.60 for my share.


I had to transfer a work colleague £2.44 for my share of another work colleague’s birthday gift and card. My flat mate went shopping (we’re trying to split the shopping between us as neither of us enjoy being out in this pandemic) and he spent £15 (£7.50 for my share). I also had my subscription for my dishwasher tablets come out which was £4.50 (£2.25 for my share).


Today was just a chilled day at home, which admittedly isn’t that much different from most of the other days during lockdown. What I mean is I didn’t have to leave the house for anything other than my daily run and I was just able to relax, work from home and do some good work and just read.


My friend is having a tough time due to serious health concerns which would be bad at the best of times but are much worse now that we are living through a pandemic. I bought her a card from Moon Pig to send to her £4.05.

The flat mate went to the shops and bought more things. We haven’t set up a food plan yet which I think is causing us trouble. Some of the things we needed and others were treats, it was £14 in total, so £7 for my share.


It turns out that my friend is a skin care guru and I had been asking her for advice on what skin care products were best for my skin. I have adult acne and the acne scars that come with that and my friend recommended a few products, including a specific product from Lush. So today whilst I was feeling perhaps flush I went on the Lush website and bought the ultrabland cleanser and a bottle of conditioner as I had run out. It came to £26.95 which is far more than I normally spend, but I had the money set aside in my beauty budget and will try anything to help my skin.

I later went to Tesco, going quite early so as to avoid people. There were still plenty who didn’t obey the simple basics of social distancing though which makes me so angry, it really isn’t that hard to just keep 2 metres back! I picked up another book of 12 first class stamps as I’ve been writing to a lot of relatives recently. That was £9.12. Then I did the food shopping, which included a bottle of prosecco and 2 tubs of Ben and Jerry’s! Yikes! That’s probably why the shopping cost £50.56 (£25.28). I don’t have a whole lot left of the food budget now so I will have to be careful for the rest of the month. Maybe I’ll give up alcohol for a while.


Today I made the Vegan Scones you can find the recipe for on here and I had my usual pub quiz meet up with my siblings. I did a 3.5 hour cycle on the exercise bike whilst watching Netflix. I had a nice day and was very glad to not spend any money.


Today I plan on keeping my money intact, doing some more baking and cooking, and just catching up on a few things like writing. I’ll do another long cycle on the exercise bike and my daily run. Plus watching more Netflix.

I hope you are all well and keeping safe.


TOTAL FOOD SPENDING = £91.26 (£45.63)



Spending Diary of 27th April to 3rd May 2020

Hi everybody,

This week involved payday, a day possibly better than Christmas based on the fact it happens 12 times a year (on average). I am so lucky to be getting a wage during this time and I definitely appreciate it and am so grateful. I’m trying to do some good with it.

Anyway, I’ll take you through how I’ve been spending my money this week.


I woke up at 5:30am naturally and got straight out of bed. I put on a wash load and later hoovered the flat and cleaned the bathroom. I made peanut butter hummus at lunchtime and fish cakes for dinner. I wrote on this blog and I also wrote some paragraphs for something I’m working on. I was working from home today, though that’s what I’ve been doing every day of lockdown so nothing new there. I managed to finish something tricky work wise that I had started on Friday. I tend to keep to the same hours each day of 8:30am to 5pm, this is so that I can watch the Prime Minister’s broadcast live. I finished season 2 of Orange is the New Black later on in the evening. But I didn’t spend anything today, woo hoo!


I woke up to birdsong at 5:10am. I tried to listen to some birdsong on the RSPB website to see if I could identify it and I think it might have been blackbirds? It was lovely either way, so clear and lyrical. I did some writing in the morning and then watched TV before my working from home day began. My flat mate had transferred his half of the bills that come out of my account on Monday so I did have some money in my account, but I considered it bad juju to spend any of the new month’s money before pay day. Therefore the only money I considered to have in my account left in April’s budget was the £8.65 of the food budget. I didn’t spend any money today so I was left in profit.


Pay day! Yippee! I donated £6.41 to a friend’s charity fundraiser and as a treat I bought myself a book by Emma Drew who you may have heard of in the money blogging community as she is the queen of money blogging. Her book is about how to make the most of your blog, and that’s definitely something I need to do. That was £11.99.

I also received an email from Who Gives a Crap who are a toilet paper company that make sustainable paper and don’t use plastic to say they had paper back in stock. I had been on their waiting list. I was beginning to run low on paper so I bought a 24 toilet paper pack and a 12 pack of facial tissues. This was £38. I bought it on my credit card as I had a credit on that card, meaning it would only involve transferring about an extra £13 to clear that transaction, so although it still cost me the same amount it felt cheaper. Weird logic I know.


Didn’t spend any money today. Other than working from home and making some chocolate chip cookies and my veggie version of a keema curry and raita I didn’t do anything of interest either.


My toilet paper arrived! But someone in the building had let in the Yodel driver without my flat being buzzed and had also taken in another parcel that looked like it was for my flat but had actually been incorrectly delivered. It even had a different postcode. It was from Moon Pig and looked like it was flowers. I phoned the company on the box and gave them the reference number on the parcel. They said that they would contact the buyer of the parcel to arrange redelivery. There wasn’t a full address on the order so I couldn’t redeliver it myself and looking on the Royal Mail address finder couldn’t come up with the correct address just on the postcode either. The company confirmed they were flowers and that because they were perishable they weren’t going to send the Yodel driver back to pick them up. They told me to dispose of them. That seemed like a waste of perfectly good flowers, so I may or may not have flowers on my table right now. I had tried to find the person on the parcel on Facebook but I couldn’t be sure I was going to contact the right person. I really did try. So I didn’t spend any money but I do have some nice flowers.

I’m doing a challenge in May where I run every day so I went for a brief run at lunchtime, just round my local park. It was quite pleasant.


I went to the shops almost as soon as they opened today. It was a good time to go as it was very quiet and people were generally obeying social distancing. I bought a few treats (pizza, Ben and Jerry’s and mozzarella sticks) as it was Saturday, as well as 2 bottles of wine, but I still thought my shopping was much more expensive than usual at £63.12. The wine was £13 of that, but I’ve still never even spent £50 in that store before. The Ben and Jerry’s was half price as well. I guess I’m going to have to be much more careful with the food shopping when I do go out as with the Who Gives a Crap order earlier this week that’s a third of my £300 monthly food budget gone in the first week!

I went for my little run as soon as I had put the shopping away. Just one lap of the park as I was going to also do a strength workout and go on the exercise bike for 2 hours at home today as well. It was nice weather. I’ve chosen to run every day in May as I had been getting fearful and anxious about going outside and I think this will help.

I did a pub quiz with some of my siblings and their families today, as well as catching up with a friend in hospital on Instagram. After the quiz I had a zoom drinking session with some friends and it was lovely! It’s interesting seeing the creative ways people are being social during lock down.


Here we are! The end of the week. I’m going to go for my brief run soon, then I’m going to go on the exercise bike for three hours whilst watching Orange is the New Black. I’m arranging to do a video call with my Dad and Step Mum later this evening which will be nice. Lock down is really making me appreciate taking life at a slower pace and reconnecting with people. I know lock down is an incredibly scary time but I’m really trying to get some good from it. It is making me reconsider a lot of the ways I used to live my life before.

I’m not leaving the house today. I’ve got a long list of things I want to do and get on with so I feel confident I’m not going to spend any more money today.


FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING – £103.12 (split with flat mate, so £51.56)




May 2020 Financial Projection

Hi everyone,

I got my pay slip yesterday and pay day is tomorrow, therefore I have time to do a projection of my money for the month ahead.

I earn £20725 a year. Depending on my performance at work I can expect a bonus of about £150 (before tax) each quarter.

This month I seem to have been taxed differently as I have a slight increase in my pay. That’s fine with me!

Here is a breakdown of my bills


Rent £375 (my half)

Council Tax £77 (my half)

Energy £75 (my half)

Broadband £17.49 (my half)

Food £150 (my half)

Debt £150

Life Insurance £14.76

Mobile £7

Gym £27 (This is a £7 donation of sorts to my gym whilst it’s closed and £20 to a personal trainer to devise a lock down at home work out. Normally it would just be £19.99 a month)

TOTM £6.80 (subscription order sanitary products)

2 x Charity Donations £10

Netflix £3 (my half)

Any bill that is followed with the words ‘my half’ means the monthly cost is double, but I split that bill with my flat mate. Some bills come out of his account and some come out of mine and we transfer the respective money to each other, but for point of ease I’m just showing what my half of the bills cost.

TOTAL £913.05

INCOME £1404.42

TOTAL LEFT £491.37

Now here is where the fun starts, what do I do with my ‘disposable income’?

This is where my sinking funds come in. A sinking fund is where I keep my money for bills that come out less frequently then once a month. It’s where I put money aside for savings, etc.

Here’s what I do with mine, my budgets have been dramatically changed due to lock down so what follows may not be an accurate description of a typical month, but it is reflective of the month ahead.

Beauty £7.50

Christmas £67.50

Clothing £7.50

Health £7.50

Home Insurance £10

Races (Running) £7.50

Renew Passport £20

Royal Mail Redelivery £6

Running Trainers £7.50

Savings £200

TV License £9.85

Water Bill £40

Web Domain Names £20

Word Press £5

TOTAL £415.85


Some of the above are higher than they would be normally because at the start of this year I couldn’t save very much money at all and so some bills are due to come out soon, and I don’t have the money set aside for them just yet. For instance my ‘Water Bill’ sinking fund will usually just be about £20 a month, and Christmas would be £50 a month.

My goal is to get to a point where I am saving 20% of my net pay each month, but at the moment it is just a bit too difficult and I would rather save a bit less and keep it untouched then keep raiding the piggy bank.

There’s not much to get up to at the moment due to lockdown so it should be easy to keep to the £75 fun money in the next month. Though I am lusting after a magazine subscription, but I must be realistic about needs versus wants.

So that’s it everyone, a little glimpse into my finances. I would like to get to a point where I can pay for Duolingo each month, and I would quite like to try out Disney+, but they aren’t important and what is important to me is looking to see if I can go on holiday after lockdown with my friends.

My debts are taking care of themselves and will be gone within the next four months. It’s a little hard to believe my debts will soon be gone. I’ve had them for so long and they’ve been such a part of my identity (in a bad way) for so long that it’s hard to get used to.

I’m sure it will get easier.


Spending Diary 20th to 26th April

Hi everybody,

Compared to last week’s total of £8.40 I have spent a lot more money, I’ll take you through it.


My flat mate recently bought some tickets for a gig in December, seeing Manic Street Preachers. I’m going on the assumption that the gig may still go ahead and therefore I should pay him. My two tickets cost £71.50

I also bought some coffee from an online subscription service as I had run out £7.95 (approximately £3.98 when split with my flat mate)


Through a local coffee shop closed due to Covid-19 but still doing deliveries of their stock I bought a 6 pack of oat milk, a 6 pack of almond milk, ground coffee and filter papers for my V60 coffee maker £30.50 (£15.25 when split with my flat mate)

I’m signed up to another subscription service for protein bars and my next delivery came out today £16.50, normally the order would be £22 for an 18 pack but they’ve brought out a new range of products meaning the biggest box can now only contain 16 products but the price is staying the same, so as a good will gesture they’ve given me a 25% discount on my latest box. (£8.25 when split with my flat mate).

A member of a running group I’m part of has set up a charity to donate gifts to key workers, so I donated £11.50 to her cause.


Members of one of my running group are doing the 2.6 challenge today and they set up a just giving page to raise money for a local homeless charity so I donated £10.50.

Paperchase got in contact with me to say my £5 birthday treat for being a treat card member was going to expire soon. I had completely forgotten about it due to being distracted with lock down, so I decided to order a new notebook as I’m a serious notebook fiend and my supplies were running low. With discount and postage and packaging it was £9.99

I went shopping at lunch time thinking it would be quiet. To an extent it was but I really didn’t enjoy the experience as people were just not obeying social distancing and I got so fed up with it that in the end I was doing the same, which was awful of me. I was buying a small amount of supplies, mainly fresh stuff as I’m still running down the freezer to defrost it. £23.04 (£11.52 when split with my flat mate)


I’ve been trying to split my shopping across different days so I never spend too long out of the house at any one time. So yesterday was food shopping and today was cleaning supplies and toiletries. In Savers I bought toner, face wash, face scrub and hand cream. £7.66. In the same store I also bought a couple of packets of colour catchers, laundry antibacterial detergent, laundry scent beads, washing up liquid, dishwasher cleaner, toothpaste, mouthwash and suntan lotion. £21.80 (£10.90 when split with my flat mate). I then went to Superdrug to buy body scrub £2.98.

My subscription to Smol who do environmentally friendly laundry capsules and dishwasher capsules also came out of my account today and was for £4.50. (£2.25 when split with my flat mate).




TOTAL – £166.28