Review of February 2018, both Financial and Personal

FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING In 2017 my food budget ‘months’ ran roughly from the 27th to the 26th of the following month, this was due to being paid on the 27th. Now, I am paid weekly, so I have decided that my food month will now be a standard month in terms of the budget. […]

Financial and Personal Review of January 2018

Hi Everyone!!!! So it is now mid-February, so I think I can safely say I survived January, let’s look at how well I survived January, financially and personally. Long time readers of my blog will know I do financial reviews of my spending and accounts each month, but I have decided I will reflect on […]

August 2017 Expenses

Yo everybody! I am watching Extreme Cheapskates, it’s great, I’ve never seen this show before. Anyway, now that I have the internet again I can finally do all the blog posts I have to catch up on. Let’s see how I spent my disposable income in August! POSTAGE AND PACKAGING = £43.03 I sold some stuff […]

August 2017 Accounts

Hi everybody. August was a good month financially. But let’s see just how good it was (dun dun dun) MONEY IN Wages £1008.05 Tax Rebate £182.20 Ebay Sales £35.13 Selling books £19.03 TOTAL MONEY IN = £1244.41 MONEY OUT Bills £835.32 Expenses post July pay day £48.02 Expenses pre August pay day £155.40 TOTAL MONEY OUT = £1038.74 MONEY IN – MONEY OUT = £205.67 […]

JUNE 2017 EXPENSES – How did my money get spent in June?

Well another month has passed, it is time to look at how my money got spent in June, what categories, how much, etc. SOCIAL Social costs in June = £81.73 TRAVEL (DAY TO DAY) Travel costs = £38.30 GIFTS Gift costs = £30.07 And now the category I affectionately refer to as the I FUCKED UP category. I […]

Financial Review of May 2017’s Disposable Income Spending

Hi everybody, It’s the end of the month which means ‘END OF MONTH FINANCIAL ANALYSIS’ which is all fun and games in the Flo Household. Let’s look at how my money left my wallet this month. SPENDING SOCIAL COSTS = £49.64 GIFTS = £15.05 POSTAGE AND PACKAGING = £12.57 TRAVEL (DAY TO DAY) = £11.50 TOTAL SPENDING = £88.76 Quite […]

Financial Accounts for April 2017

I thought it might be helpful to compare my money in during April, and the money that went out. MONEY IN Wages £1206.26 Birthday Money £90 Savings £20 Disposable income allowance £75 Extra Money £23.70 Money for Birthday £100 Money from Savings £295 TOTAL = £1809.96   MONEY OUT Bills £1206.26 Expenses post March Pay Day £26.08 Expenses pre April Pay Day £323.58 Overspend on food […]

Financial Review of April 2017

Another month has ended. Things are getting very ‘real’ financially for me, so I am going to analyse where I have been making mistakes. Here is a breakdown of my spending in April 2017. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING TOTAL SPENDS IN APRIL = £241.28 This was £41.28 over budget, which is far from ideal. I am going to […]

January 2017 Financial Review

Hi everybody, It is the end of the first month of the year. I am 1/12 of the way through a No Spend Year and it is time to assess how I spent my money this month. HOME £5/£2.50 WORK EXPENSE £5.90/£7.50 SOCIAL £161.07/£25 (ooops) HEALTH £13.50/£5 GIFT £27.87/£25 TRAVEL (DAY TO DAY) £2/£10 So good points: I was under budget […]