I’ve got to hold on to what I’ve got

It is two days till Payday. I have, in total: £1 in my Bank Account and £10.50 in loose change in my purse. Good news is today was a NSD (no spend day) and I only have two more expenses left till payday. They are: Train Fare to Football £3.90  and Milk for Work £1.10 Which clearly […]

I started off with the best of intentions, honest! (Also NSD # 3)

When I acquired my first ‘didn’t belong to a bank I was with’ credit card it was honestly with the best of intentions. I have spent most of my employment history on a zero hour contract basis. A zero hour contract is basically a contract where I would be employed by a company on an […]

Hi, my name is Flo, and I’m in debt

Hi everybody. Well it’s a new year. In 2016 I started the year with  £5150 of debt. I was determined to cut back, reduce, and most of all stop spending money. Oh, and to pay off my debts. I clearly did a great job because I ended  2016 with  £5996.12 of debt. Uh oh! How did […]