Goats Cheese, Beetroot and Walnut Macaroni

Hi everybody, I did a food inventory of the cupboards and fridge/freezer last night and decided to make use of some things languishing in the cupboards. Like walnuts. I thought about making a cake with them, but the trouble with making a cake with nuts in is only I would eat it (my flat mate […]

My 78p Dinner: Runner Bean and ‘Feta’ Pasta

Ok, disclaimer. One of the ingredients in this dish was given to me free from my boss, and I am totally not including the store cupboard ingredients of oil and lazy garlic. Sue me. Feta appears as ‘Feta’ in the title because to drive the cost of this meal down I bought ‘salad cheese’ not […]

Tart Me Up or Down Easy Macaroni Cheese

It’s been a while since I last posted a recipe, and this is a household favourite, to the point that I haven’t thought to include it till now because everyone has a Macaroni Cheese recipe, this is mine. To an extent it could be considered healthy because it uses cottage cheese for part of the […]

The ‘I’m now too full to move’ Macaroni Peas

I am still a woman on a mission to eat out of the cupboards and freezer, particularly now that I am…ahem…UNEMPLOYED. I have vanquished certain things that have been living in my kitchen for the better part of a year to the pits of my belly, such as the slightly iffy prawns, and today I […]