A full assessment of my monthly income

Hi everyone,

Well as you know today was payday, wooo to the hoooo!

I have decided to show the full extent of my finances by comparing my income versus my outgoings.

So here goes:



(After student loan repayments, pension contribution, taxes and national insurance)



Paying back boyfriend for Dr Who Ticket £12.80

Credit Card A £20.97 

Credit Card L £20

Credit Card N £10.40

Bank Charges £15.04

Paying back overdraft £100

Credit Card T £30

Phone Contract £21.49

Broadband £26.17

Gas and Electricity £54

Train Season Ticket £292.30

Rent and Council Tax £198.42

Savings £20

Food/Grocery/Household Shopping £200

Water Bill Payment £19.15

Football Training £12

Football Training Transport Costs £15.60

Membership £3.92

Work Expenses, Gifts, Travel (Day to Day), Travel (Visiting), Home, Social, Health, Postage and Packaging and Clothing Maintenance = £100 (in total)


Remaining = £35

So after everything has been taken out and accounted for I am left with £35 for miscellaneous spending.

As long as I have food and shelter accounted for then I will be fine.

To be in profit after all the bills (some more fun then others) have been taken out is a great feeling.

I am happy. I don’t have room for error, I notice if as little as 1p is missing from my purse, but I have ‘surplus’ money each month. I’m prioritising my debts, things will be fine. I hope.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Made it to the end of the food budget pay day month in credit.

Admittedly by 20p, but still.

Tomorrow I will do what is my payday tradition, and that is get up at 5am (despite having booked time off to go into work later) so that I can pay all my bills, calculate this that and the other so I can work out exactly how little I have left to play with and then just R E L A X because what I have left is mine to play with.

I will do the monthly food shops, purchase some presents, and then have a lovely evening out with the boyfriend.

I will also have to run out and get some butter and bread in the morning.

Can’t wait for payday. Not long to go.