Batch Cooking My Work Lunches: Brown Lentil Dahl/Soup

I call this Dahl/Soup as it was supposed to be a soup, and by some definitions still could be, but it could also resemble the texture of a Dahl. I will leave it to your own judgements to decide what side it falls on. WARNING: If you use dried lentils like I did then bear […]

When Life Hands You Lemons You Make…Flapjacks and Cookies

Saturday was shopping day, as it is every week. As it was the start of a new food shopping month I was going bold and stocking up. I went to Holland and Barrett to re-stock on some vitamins I was running low on, and to buy a bulk load of stock powder. I had 2 […]

Batch Cooking my Work Lunches: Frozen Veg Couscous

Yes, I know I have totally made couscous before, I am just merely showing you that frozen vegetables are nothing to be afraid of, they are yummy. I don’t want to sound like a spokesperson for frozen veg (I would probably have a lot more money if I was) but in most cases they have […]

Batch Cooking My Work Lunches: Mushroom ‘Barlotto’

I have been feeling guilty about my long forgotten grains in the cupboards which expired months ago, so decided today when it came to making my lunches for the week I would use up the one with the oldest best before date. Which was my Pearl Barley. (A quick note, yes I am gung ho […]

1 way to your 5 a day: Sweet Potato Toast

Hi everybody. Remember how in yesterday’s post about the Courgette porridge I mentioned it was inspired by an article about sweet potato toast? Ta Dah! Yes, I decided to try the sweet potato toast. The original article said all you needed to do was put it in a toaster on a high setting and it […]

1 way to your 5 a day: Courgette Porridge

Last year I went through a stage of buying Women’s Health magazine which I love, and am sad I can’t buy (but actually I have found a way to read it for free, but I’m saving that for another blog post). In one of their issues last year they were talking about unusual mash ups […]