Spending Diary 20th to 26th April

Hi everybody,

Compared to last week’s total of £8.40 I have spent a lot more money, I’ll take you through it.


My flat mate recently bought some tickets for a gig in December, seeing Manic Street Preachers. I’m going on the assumption that the gig may still go ahead and therefore I should pay him. My two tickets cost £71.50

I also bought some coffee from an online subscription service as I had run out £7.95 (approximately £3.98 when split with my flat mate)


Through a local coffee shop closed due to Covid-19 but still doing deliveries of their stock I bought a 6 pack of oat milk, a 6 pack of almond milk, ground coffee and filter papers for my V60 coffee maker £30.50 (£15.25 when split with my flat mate)

I’m signed up to another subscription service for protein bars and my next delivery came out today £16.50, normally the order would be £22 for an 18 pack but they’ve brought out a new range of products meaning the biggest box can now only contain 16 products but the price is staying the same, so as a good will gesture they’ve given me a 25% discount on my latest box. (£8.25 when split with my flat mate).

A member of a running group I’m part of has set up a charity to donate gifts to key workers, so I donated £11.50 to her cause.


Members of one of my running group are doing the 2.6 challenge today and they set up a just giving page to raise money for a local homeless charity so I donated £10.50.

Paperchase got in contact with me to say my £5 birthday treat for being a treat card member was going to expire soon. I had completely forgotten about it due to being distracted with lock down, so I decided to order a new notebook as I’m a serious notebook fiend and my supplies were running low. With discount and postage and packaging it was £9.99

I went shopping at lunch time thinking it would be quiet. To an extent it was but I really didn’t enjoy the experience as people were just not obeying social distancing and I got so fed up with it that in the end I was doing the same, which was awful of me. I was buying a small amount of supplies, mainly fresh stuff as I’m still running down the freezer to defrost it. £23.04 (£11.52 when split with my flat mate)


I’ve been trying to split my shopping across different days so I never spend too long out of the house at any one time. So yesterday was food shopping and today was cleaning supplies and toiletries. In Savers I bought toner, face wash, face scrub and hand cream. £7.66. In the same store I also bought a couple of packets of colour catchers, laundry antibacterial detergent, laundry scent beads, washing up liquid, dishwasher cleaner, toothpaste, mouthwash and suntan lotion. £21.80 (£10.90 when split with my flat mate). I then went to Superdrug to buy body scrub £2.98.

My subscription to Smol who do environmentally friendly laundry capsules and dishwasher capsules also came out of my account today and was for £4.50. (£2.25 when split with my flat mate).




TOTAL – £166.28



Financial Review of Weeks 13, 14, 15, 16 (I’m sorry for the delay)

Here’s the thing about working 7 days a week. Even when the 6th and 7th days of working total just 8 hours you find you lack the time to get everything done.

My Blog has taken the hit.

I will proceed with the financial reviews:


Pizza, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Cookies, Bread, Milk, Yogurt 8.35
Super Big Tesco Delivery 114.34
White Bread and Cucumber 1.15
Juice, Cheese Slice, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Garlic Bread, Cheesecake, Bag for Life 8.14
Carrot Chips, Corn on the Cobs, Onion Rings, Chicken Strips, Chicken Popsters, Cheese Pizza x 2 11.98
Potatoes, Orange Juice, Carrots, Milk, Popcorn, Raspberries 5.99
Flu Powder, Face Wipes, Moisturiser, Hand Sanitiser 3.85
Toothpaste, Floss, Shower Gel, Handwash 4.86
Toothpaste, Soothers x 2, Vanish, Allergy Tablets, Toothbrush 7.45
Greaseproof Paper, Coconut Water x 4 2.75
Toothbrush Holder 0.29
Rolls and Lettuce 1.75
Spray Oil x 2, Laundry Cleanser x 2, Toilet Roll, Bag For Life, Laundry Bag 11.34
Massive Pizza, Jon Pizza, Cookies 6.5
milk 1.09
tortilla chips, rolls, cookies, gum 2.74
Milk, Carrots, Bag for Life 1.37
bread, doughnuts, garlic bread, lasagne, cucumber, parsnips, bag for life 6.6
Sweetcorn, Cheese Pizza 3.5
Orange Juice, Ice Creams x 2 3.9
Aqueous Cream, Hair Remover Cream, Bath Foam, Body Scrub, Razors, Face Masks x 3 7.87
Sprite Six Pack, Fanta Six Pack, Orangina, Garlic Pizza Bread, Canneloni, Bread, Cookies, Bag for life x 2 11.2
Colour Catchers, Cotton Pads, Toner, Hand Cream 6.56
Chicken Dippers, Marmite, Chicken Breast, Mince x 2, Peppers, Onion, Boy Pies 19.86
Prawn Crackers, Yoghurt 1.85

TOTAL SPENDS = £255.28 (WEEKLY AVERAGE = £63.82)

We are already over budget for this month of April and still have a week to go so it’s not going that well.


Milk for work 0.8 WORK EXPENSE
Easter Egg for Jon 4 GIFTS
Prawn Sandwich 2.2 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Pie Minister 17 SOCIAL
2 x Sets of PJs 34.05 CLOTHING
Apple and Banana 0.67 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Tupperware From Paperchase 1 HOMEWARE
Ale 4.5 SOCIAL
Burger and Tea 10 SOCIAL
Pizza 6.5 SOCIAL
Shonen Knife T Shirt 15 CLOTHING
Make Up 30 MAKE UP
2 Pairs of Trousers, Exercise Tights and Top 24.05 CLOTHING
Let’s Eat Grandma Ticket 10 SOCIAL
Peach Green Tea Lemonade 3.35 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Chiropractice Groupon 23.95 HOBBIES – HEALTH
Food for Homeless person 4.28 GIFTS
Plastic Cutlery 0.75 WORK EXPENSE
Water and Mango Coca Cola 1.8 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Pint of coke 1.99 SOCIAL
Lipbalm 1.2 MAKE UP
Train to Grangetown 3.4 TRAVEL (DAY TO DAY)
Paying Postage on an unstamped card 2 POSTAGE AND PACKAGING
John Lewis Gift Card 15 GIFTS
Chocolate Treats for Hedy 2.5 GIFTS
Money for the Nie-phews 20 GIFTS
Posting the Kids Treats 6.9 POSTAGE AND PACKAGING
Indian Takeaway 16 SOCIAL
2 x Flat Whites 4.8 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Tissues for work 0.39 WORK EXPENSE
Milk for work 0.75 WORK EXPENSE
2 x Beers 7 SOCIAL
Posting parcel to Chris 1.87 POSTAGE AND PACKAGING
Boots Meal Deal 3.39 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Kimono 4.99 CLOTHING
coffee and apple 3.15 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Five Guys Burger, Fries and Drink 12.15 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Donation to Ben 15 GIFTS
Cookies and Donuts for a homeless person 0.78 GIFTS
Milk for work 0.8 WORK EXPENSE
Boots Meal Deal 3.39 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Next Voucher For Tudor 10 GIFTS
2 x Books 9.98 HOBBIES-BOOKS
Manics Vinyl 20.04 HOBBIES-MUSIC
2 x Cocktails 8.45 SOCIAL
Five Guys for 2 25.45 SOCIAL
Ice Cream 2.5 SOCIAL
Jeans 5.99 CLOTHING
Milk for work 0.8 WORK EXPENSE


I promise I will be better at blogging from now on.

Financial Review of Week 7/52 2018

Hi everybody,

I would like to thank all my followers, old and new, for reading, cheers!

Let’s see how I foolishly wasted wisely invested my money this week.



Ice Cream, Milk, Golden Syrup £3.84

Milk, Wash Tablets, Orange Juice, Cheese, Frozen Sweetcorn, Apples, Rice, Prawn Crackers £14.92

Poppadoms £1.45


Coconut Water x 4, Pizza x 2, Naan Bread, Poppadoms, Cookies x 2, Pilau Rice, Quorn Pieces, Quorn Mince, Baking Potatoes, Agave Syrup, Greek Yoghurt, Cucumber, Chicken Fillets £16.16


Laundry Cleanser x 2, Washing Machine Cleaner £2.97

Beer x 3, Milkshake, Chocolate Treats x 2 £6.50 

Bread, Beetroot Shots x 2, Cayenne Shot £4




2 x Magazines £8.40

Sports Watch £5.99

Race for Life Pretty Muddy £20

Magazine £4

Resistance Bands £3.50

(Total = £41.89)


Stamps £7.80


Thank you cards £2.98

The Boy’s Birthday Treat Number 1 £30


Taxi £2 (The Boy gave me £5 towards it)

Bus £3.40


Memory Box £2.49


Meal out with The Boy £20


Work Trousers £5

Exercise Trousers £8


Coffee £2.70



Financial Review of Week 6/52 2018

Hello all.

I am off work ill (again) which has finally made me realise I need to stop being so proud about not having had to see the Doctor since August 2017 and instead will have to go.

I realise my anxiety in the past has made me a bit of a hypochondriac and I didn’t want to waste any of the NHS’s money with my silly problems but the now persistent since the start of the year nausea, stomach cramps and retching have got to go.

And, no, I am not pregnant.

I am feeling a bit sorry for myself and anxious about letting my employer down which is counter productive to helping a painful stomach so I am trying to relax, but typically I am feeling the need to be some sort of productive, so let’s catch up on here.


I did a lot of little shops this week, and most of them were in Sainsbury’s, a store I typically don’t go into as the prices make me angry, but I had received lots of ‘Triple Nectar Point’ vouchers and I am trying to build up enough points in case Sainsbury’s do their Spring Double Up Deal (they cancelled it last year, but in the Autumn when they did it I scored these bargains).

Coleslaw, Cheesecake and Beetroot Shot £2.79

Baking Potatoes x 2 £0.63

Ketchup and Cucumber £2.30

Milk, Couscous, Beetroot Shot, Baguettes £4.19

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pizza’s x 2, Gin and Tonic Cans x 4, Milk, Honey x 3, Tortilla Wraps, Sweet Potatoes, Pasta, Baking Potatoes, Frozen Berries, Greek Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Carrots, Parsnips, Bread, Rolls x 2, Eggs £25.23

The-Biggest-Box-Of-Rice-Krispies-In-The-World (1.1KG!!!) £2.68


(The Rice Krispies I bought because the 1.1KG box was cheaper than the 510g Box).

(I am now a bit addicted to Beetroot Shots).

(The honey was on special offer, that’s why I bought 3 of them).



Magazine and Newspaper £7.89

Race for Life 10k entry £14.99


Bag for life, Costa Coffee, Chocolate Bars x 3, Cheese Sandwich £4.70

Donation £2 

(Both the above were to a Homeless Man).


2 x Drinks £6

Veggie Burger, Chips and Tea £8.05


Return Bus Ticket £3



Not the most expensive week I have had, but I am on a much lower income so I need to be careful.

Officially I am not on a No Spend Year anymore, so I can buy things like Magazines now, but I still feel guilty, even though I love them (It was Women’s Health Magazine, surely that’s better than buying … OK or Heat or something, right?).



Financial Review of Week 5/52 2018

Hi Everybody,

The house needed restocking of food, apparently, despite the cupboards being full, but I think I just have ‘new month = new stock’ as a train of thought in my head.

This week I had some pretty good bargains, or ‘wombles’ as I call them. I bought a £61.65 Amazon order which contained:

  • A meat thermometer and raw meat chopping board (as although I don’t eat meat The Boy wants to introduce some real meat into his diet instead of frozen and probably inhumanely reared meat).
  • A Mother’s Day present for both my Mum and Step Mum.
  • A birthday present for my friend’s nearly 1 year old daughter.
  • A birthday present for the friend above.
  • A copy of the Queen album ‘Jazz’ as I own it on Vinyl but not CD.

This order only cost me £1.65 as I used £60 in vouchers I had earned through my side hustles.

I also ‘wombled’ the below:

The Linguine and Ground Almonds I received from a friend who had listed them on OLIO, and the beers were given to us from The Boy’s parents as they were leftover from a meal we had together on Friday.

Lets get on to my spending this week.


Macaroni £0.56


Tomato soup x 2, Milk, Greek Yoghurt, Margarine x 2, Microwave Rice x 4, Food and Freezer Bags, Frozen Peas, Gum, Frozen Fruit, Night Cream, Quorn Pieces, Mozzarella, Spaghetti, Tomato Puree x 2, Stew Pack of Veg, Cucumber, Celery, Apples, Cheese Rolls, Naan Bread, Cherry Tomatoes, Lettuce, Bread, Poppadoms, Eggs £24.76




Amazon order £1.65


Bus £3

Train to Newport £5.30


Padlock for gym locker £4.50


Pie and Cider £13.80

Takeaway Chinese £15





Financial Review of Week 4/52 2018

This week has been great, but in the last hour I have made a clumsy and costly mistake.

You see those cards in the photo? A nice stash of Birthday, Mother’s Day, New Baby etc cards.

I totally spilt coffee on them.

Now I have to weigh up how cheap I am versus how much I don’t want to give my friends birthday cards that have coffee stains on them. Hmm.

In fact this weekend I have been a bit clumsy. I knocked the cottage cheese on to the floor and broke the tub, I pinched my finger on the pump on the hand wash and I forgot to buy Greek yogurt so I had to go back to the shops.

I did manage to buy some rainbow carrots though which I am looking forward to trying.

I am currently up to 12 No Spend Days, so I have met my monthly target, and I may score a few more before the month is out.

Let’s see how I spent my money this week.



Milk £1.09

Stock Powder £2.54

Baking Paper and Handwash x 2 £2.57

Diced Frozen Onion £1.29

Clearisel Face Scrub, Clearisel Face Wash, Bleach x 2, Cistern Blocks x 2, Mouth wash £13.99

Sardines x 2, Mackerel, Cheese x 2, Aerosol Cream, Cucumber, Rolls, Bread, Mozzarella, Baby Potatoes, Potatoes, Cottage Cheese £12.93

Pizza x 2, Milk, Chocolate Desserts x 3, Greek Yogurt x 2 £11.04

TOTAL SPENDS = £45.45 




2 x Single Bus Tickets £3.20

1 x Day Bus Ticket £3

(Total = £6.20)


Tinned Fish Cook Book £2


Jacket Potato £6


Various Birthday cards £5.35


Milk for work £0.80




I think that was a pretty lean week, but I will be expecting bigger spends next week as I have a food delivery coming. And I am planning on ordering a bumper Amazon order for upcoming birthday’s and Mother’s Day tomorrow so will probably spend at least a couple of quid then (I have a lot of vouchers to use).

Financial Review of Week 3/52 2018

Hi everybody!

So it has taken me over a year to figure out a way to make these financial review posts look ‘pretty’.

I was thinking of looking at copyright free stock photos, or getting the boy to design some graphics for me, and last week it came to me, simply take a photo of what you bought that week.

I am sorry for being so stupid.

Let’s crack on.


Milk and Halloumi £3.09

Pizza, Sponges, Frozen Sweetcorn, Frozen Broccoli, Mango Chutney, Butterbeans, Chicken Fillets, Meat Pies, Frozen Berries, Orange Juice, Cornflour, Breadcrumbs, Milk x 2, Lemon Juice, Parmesan, Honey, Bread, Naan Bread, Mozzarella, Poppadoms, Self Raising Flour, Greek Yoghurt, Hand Gel, Cheese Rolls x 2, Parsnips, Celery, Apples, Lettuce, Carrots, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Eggs, Aubergine x 2 £26.59 

Vitamin C Tablets x 3, Face Wipes, Chapsticks x 2 £6.74

3 Baking Potatoes £0.93


The great things about this weeks food shopping is that we have a voucher for £5 off a £30 spend in Lidl, so our big shop was planned around that.



Bus Ticket x 2 = £2.60


Milk for work = £0.50


2 x Cards £1.18


2 x Drinks £7.30



I am hoping today will be a NSD (No spend day), and if so then I have met my target of 10 for the month.

I wish you all a pleasant Sunday, take care all.



Sainsbury’s Double Up Promotion: How I got £64 worth of clothes for £2

Sainsbury’s is not my main supermarket, but I still have managed to get £10 of points on my nectar card (with nearly £5 spare) through a series of deals and manipulating offers to my benefit.

Sainsbury’s have normally done two ‘Double Up’ promotions each year, where you have a week to double £10 worth of points (up to £40) for a coupon for a particular category (sadly not food). There are many, many restrictions, so many that in order to get today’s voucher I had to do a week of preparation. Basically, there is only one Sainsbury’s I can walk to in Cardiff that stocks clothes. But I had to have shopped there within the last 6 months, which I haven’t, so last week I trekked to Sainsbury’s to buy groceries, swiping my nectar card at the till, which meant I could go there today to get my double up voucher.

(I could go into detail about the restrictions, but there is a very good blog post about it from a site I follow called ‘Be Clever With Your Cash’, and they would do it so much better than me. You can read the link here)

So, bam, I had £20 to spend on clothes. I generally really like Sainsbury’s clothes and as I saw it as a way to get free/nearly free clothes I wasn’t too fussed about finding a dream item, and thought I would just stock up on basics. The clothes selection was tiny, but I still found a long sleeved white shirt (I love a long sleeve white shirt), a yellow sweater vest and 2 skirts.

All the items were on sale, full retail value was £64, the total at the till was £22, so bam, I only spent £2 on four items of clothing. Yes, none of them are exactly the sexiest things in the world, but they are all fine basics for work. (Ok, so I’m currently unemployed, but I won’t always be).

I have decided that since I want to lose weight, I am not going to buy any clothes full price (other than under garments and shoes) until I reach a healthy BMI. In theory this is because I don’t want to invest in clothes that will hopefully be far to big for me in a years time (I hope), so expect more posts like this until I reach my target weight.


My Top 10 Own Brand Products From Morrisons

Disclaimer: The prices quoted in this post are based on the price I most recently paid for said product, and they may have changed since then. Also this post was entirely created by me and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Morrison’s in any way. I merely wish to share my love of these products.

#1 Morrisons 100% Peanut Butter (Available in smooth and crunchy)


I love this product so much that I recently shouted out about it on Twitter (yes I have Twitter now, my name is @Jillettuce based on a stupid nickname my friend Joel gave me).

You know me, I love peanut butter (please see proof here and here) and my love of peanut butter is matched by my hatred of palm oil. And having principles is often expensive.

But Morrisons are (to the best of my knowledge) the first supermarket to introduce an own brand 100% peanut, peanut butter, so well done Morrisons.

RETAIL FACTS – £1.78 for 340g

#2 Morrison Prawn Crackers


The boy and I like a Chinese ‘Fake Away’, or we like to cut costs on our Chinese takeaway by having prawn crackers in stock.

And because I am both a glutton and a cheap skate I know that these are the cheapest prawn crackers based on price per gram (or they were before inflation occurred). And they are yum.

RETAIL FACTS – £1 for 80g

#3 Morrison Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Kale Pies


The boy likes a gravy based meal on Sundays, and pies feature heavily.

As I don’t eat meat (I’m a pescetarian) I need a suitable substitute so I don’t get food envy, and these bad boys do the job.

Filling and tasty, and good in gravy.

RETAIL FACTS – £1.42 for 2 Pies (360g)

#4 Morrison Frozen Diced Swede


The boy and I love a bit of swede, usually in our Sunday ‘Gravy Based Meal’, and I think this is the best based on price per gram. It is yet to fail us.

Things to do with Swede. Scones and Cous cous.

RETAIL FACTS – 60p for 500g.

#5 Morrisons Savers Family Size Facial Tissues


These are the best value facial tissues from a supermarket (that I shop with). Cheaper then Tesco’s own brand equivalent and one more tissue a pack.

RETAIL FACTS – 65p per 226 tissue pack

#6 Morrison Curry Flavour Noodles


The boy likes these noodles. Also available in various other flavours.

RETAIL FACTS – 28p per 85g pack.

#7 Morrison Savers Pasta Sauce


In my post about my favourite Tesco own brand products I divulged that the boy (and again, ‘the boy’ refers to my 36 year old boyfriend) doesn’t generally like pasta unless it is cooked in a gross sugar and salt enhanced ready made sauce (whereas I like my home made sauce ). As I refuse to waste my money on something I could make for pennies with a tin of chopped tomatoes, this is our compromise. The boy likes it, I like it. And it is cheap and tasty.

RETAIL FACTS – 38p per 400g Jar.

#8 Morrison Soup


These three, plus the Carrot and Parsnip soup I would have featured had The Boy not eaten it, make up a frequent staple of my food shop with Morrisons. They are very cheap but do not lack in flavour and they were for my emergency lunches at work when I had been too busy to batch cook something.

RETAIL FACTS – 45p per 400g tin.

#9 Morrison Savers Mature Cheddar Cheese


My favourite cheese. It packs a punch. Some own brand mature cheddar cheeses are basically quite mild in flavour, this is strong and mighty.

RETAIL FACTS – £5.50 per 1KG.

#10 Morrison No Added Sugar Summer Fruits Squash


The boy’s favourite squash is Summer Fruits flavour. Every supermarket has a Summer Fruits squash. I chose Morrison’s as being the creme de la creme as it is double concentrate (therefore it lasts longer), comes in a 1.5 Litre size bottle (which is usually what the boy and I get through in a month) and is almost always on a multi buy offer.

Well done Morrison’s.

RETAIL FACTS – £1.24 per 1.5 litre bottle (frequently on a 2 for £2 offer)

So there you have it, my favourite own brand buys from Morrison’s.

Do you have any supermarkets you would like me to investigate what the best products are?



My Top 15 Own Brand Products From Tesco

Disclaimer: The prices I quote are based on the price I paid when I most recently bought the product, so they may have changed by now. Also this post was entirely made by me and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Tesco in any way. I just merely wish to share the love I have for these products with other people.

Hi Everyone,

As you all know I am a big fan of ‘own brand’ products. In fact I would go as far as to say I am an own brand snob in that if a cheap own brand version of a product is available I will nearly always buy that.

In celebration of the BBC TV Series ‘Eat Well For Less’ being back on our screens (although it does end this week) here are my top own brand products from Tesco.

#1 Tesco Chocolate (Various Types)


Let’s start as all good things should start with chocolate.

Tesco have various different types of own brand chocolate bars available, including some fruit and nut versions of this type and also an economy brand which is even cheaper then these. But I choose this bar as it is supports the Rain Forest Alliance and also it gets big bonus points as unlike some cheap chocolate bars it doesn’t contain Palm Oil.

The milk chocolate is lovely, the white chocolate is very sweet, and the plain is perfect for a deep decadent hit and it is what I usually use in my chocolate recipes.

RETAIL FACTS – 75p for 150g

#2 and #3 Tesco Everyday Porridge Oats and Tesco Skimmed Milk Powder


Why did I put these two together?

For the simple fact that in my house they are always together.

I got this tip from Jack Monroe’s second cookbook where they explained if you mix milk powder with porridge oats and then add boiling water to a bowl of the stuff then BAM – instant porridge (no need for those fancy ass ready made pots).

So I tip both the milk powder and the porridge oats into a cereal container, give a mix and BOOM – instant porridge. When I use porridge oats in my baking it is always from this pre-made mix so I get a creaminess from the milk powder as well.

There is simply no need to spend loads of money on porridge oats.

RETAIL FACTS – Porridge oats 75p for 1kg, Skimmed Milk Powder £2 for 340g.

#4 and #5 Tesco Anti Bacterial Wipes (Lemon) and Washing up Liquid (Lemon)


Another dynamic duo. I chose these products as I have this belief that you should always buy cleaning products in a citrus scent as citrus fruits are usually used in old style cleaning methods, so I believe you get extra bang for your buck.

Speaking of bang for your buck, the prices of these are some of the best I have found.

RETAIL FACTS – Wipes 120 for £2.50 and Washing up liquid 740ml for 70p.

#6 Tesco Everyday Value Low Fat Cottage Cheese


I chose this because I want to highlight the difference between marked up products.

There is a certain brand of ‘Healthy’ Cottage Cheese that is about £1.20 for something like 63 calories per half container.

This is admittedly more calories…it contains 64 calories per half container, but it is 64p.

I think I can live with the extra two calories per tub more then I can live with the near double mark up on the other product.

It is great in my Macaroni Cheese.

RETAIL FACTS – 64p for 300g.

#7 Tesco Healthy Living Tikka Masala Sauce


One way to bring down the calories in our Indian ‘Fake Aways’.

RETAIL FACTS – 89p for 400g

#8 Tesco Everyday Mushy Peas


Cheap and tasty, better than Morrison’s own brand equivalent. An easy way to one of your five a day.

RETAIL FACTS – 20p for a 300g tin

#9 Tesco Everyday Passata 


The boy refuses to eat pasta if it is not drenched in a disgusting sugar and salt enhanced ready made pasta sauce, but I can sneak this past him. Another one of your five a day.

RETAIL FACTS – 35p for 400ml

#10 Tesco Tomato Puree


Perfect for pasta.

RETAIL FACTS – 50p for 200ml

#11 Tesco Soya Mince


This is another great product that is always on my monthly food shop. High in protein, tastes fantastic, the boy (who is a meat eater) will happily eat this without complaint, and a bargain price.

RETAIL FACTS – £1.75 for 454g (There are frequently multi buy offers though)

BONUS ITEM – Tesco Dried Soya Mince also is a staple in my cupboard, it’s something like 400g for £1.90, and the 400g makes up about 1200g, so bargain bargain bargain.

#12 Tesco Gold Coffee Refill Pack


Despite the fact I drink something like 10 cups of coffee a day, I am not a snob with roasts and things like that.

This is lovely though. And it comes in a handy refill pack which not only is cheaper but cuts down on it’s carbon footprint in terms of less lorries and the road and all that.

RETAIL FACTS – £4.15 for 300g

#13 Tesco Cocoa Powder


Perfect for baking, perfect for smoothies, I use it all the time.

RETAIL FACTS – £1.99 for 250g

#14 Tesco Healthy Living Mayonaise


Love mayonaise but don’t want to turn into a human vat of it?

This is only slightly more calories per table spoon then a big brand ‘lighter then light’ mayonaise, but a darn sight cheaper.

RETAIL FACTS – 75p for 450ml

#15 Tesco Tinned Chilli Con Carne


The boy, who has zero interest in cooking, needs simple things he can heat up when he has painting class (by the way, ‘the boy’ is how I refer to my boyfriend, but I realise I have made him sound like a 7 year old). This keeps him happy and out of trouble.

RETAILS FACTS – £1.50 for 400g

So there you have it, my favourite own brand products from Tesco. I plan on doing one for Morrisons as well as I am a supermarket slut and will shop nearly anywhere for the best deal.