I swished my way into high society

Have you heard of ‘Swishing parties’? Of course you have, even I have. Today I went to my first one. Just in case you haven’t and don’t know what a swishing party is I’ll explain. It’s where you donate old clothes, accessories, and the like, and in return you are usually given tokens or something […]

Financial Review of April 2017

Another month has ended. Things are getting very ‘real’ financially for me, so I am going to analyse where I have been making mistakes. Here is a breakdown of my spending in April 2017. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING TOTAL SPENDS IN APRIL = £241.28 This was £41.28 over budget, which is far from ideal. I am going to […]

I have options (shopping options)

Today marked an important day for my finances. I said at the start of 2017 that I would be allowed to buy clothes if I bought them with vouchers and spent nothing in terms of cash on them. Today I got my Tesco club card statement and vouchers through. In the last three months I […]

Payment a Day

My bank account as of this moment only has the exact amount of money left for the two remaining bills that need to come out before next payday. This is because of the following: I have transferred the bulk of the remaining money to my savings account. I have transferred the money that covers the […]

A small good thing

(Thank you to Raymond Carver for the title) I have had an interesting day money wise, and it is perhaps fitting I end the day watching the film The Big Short. In my ‘old’ life waking up the day after payday would mean a few things. The compulsion to hit the shops would be so consuming […]

A full assessment of my monthly income

Hi everyone, Well as you know today was payday, wooo to the hoooo! I have decided to show the full extent of my finances by comparing my income versus my outgoings. So here goes: FEBRUARY 2017 INCOME (After student loan repayments, pension contribution, taxes and national insurance) £1206.26 OUTGOINGS Paying back boyfriend for Dr Who […]

I’ve got to hold on to what I’ve got

It is two days till Payday. I have, in total: £1 in my Bank Account and £10.50 in loose change in my purse. Good news is today was a NSD (no spend day) and I only have two more expenses left till payday. They are: Train Fare to Football £3.90  and Milk for Work £1.10 Which clearly […]

Financial Review of Week 3

Hi everybody, it is time again for a weekly review: I have to quickly add some expenses that occurred last Sunday after I posted a review, and they were: SUNDAY SOCIAL £3.10 Coffee and small cake with Boyfriend £3 Chips with boyfriend and two other friends whilst watching a WWE British Wrestling tournament. On to […]