Spending Diary 27th July to 2nd August 2020

Hi everyone,

I had taken this week off work due to needing to sort out things after my mum’s death, some of the days have been harder than others.


I decided to travel back to my home town to see some family and be with them during this time. My training ticket cost £45.05 with insurance but I saved 1/3 on it due to my rail card. I also bought my Dad a couple of indoor plants early for his birthday so I could be there to see him open them. They came to £21.83. I went to the shops to stock up for the week for my flat mate. I bought Lucozade, milk, Pepsi, hand wash, garden peas, oats, chocolate x 3, cucumber, tomatoes and burger baps. That came to £14.15, but I split that with my flat mate.

I also went to Boots and bought conditioner, 2 deodorants and a leave in conditioner, but I paid with my Boots advantage card points as I am really low on money, so I saved nearly £10.


I travelled back to stay with my Dad and Step mum. The train journey was luckily uneventful and with no delays or cancellations. At home I just hung out with my family for the rest of the day, and didn’t spend any money.


It is my Dad and Step mum’s wedding anniversary today, so I bought them a bottle of wine and a card for £8. I picked up some shopping for myself at the local Co-op. That was £9.86, and later I travelled into the centre of my home town to see a friend. The train ticket was £2.05 after I saved 1/3 on it with my rail card.


I had a terrible night’s sleep due to keep waking up in pain. It turns out I have picked up an infection. I went to the shops to buy some supplies (£4.10 for paracetamol, juice and yogurt) and in the shop I nearly fainted. I came home, started making a cup of coffee, and then fainted in the kitchen in front of my Dad who was very concerned.

My friend has had the same type of infection before so I asked her about treatment. She said waiting till I got back to where I live and seeing a doctor there would be unwise as this type of infection needs to be treated soon, so I spent a couple of hours today filling out temporary residents forms for the nearest surgery, getting assessed and then getting a prescription. In Wales prescriptions are free. In England they are not. So I paid £9.15 for the prescription but I was happy to pay this, anything to get better.

The rest of the day was uneventful.


I slept all through the night and the infection feels like it is nearly all gone, wonderful! I went to the shops to pick up supplies for the train journey. A bottle of Lucozade and water which was £1.83 after I used my Co-op reward points. I also picked up some bread and milk for my Dad, £2.50 for them.

I had an almost uneventful train journey home until I got near Westbury when the train lost power. It eventually decided to terminate early so I got off the train in Bath as the station is very pretty and waited for the following train back to Cardiff.

I got picked up from the station by my flat mate and his girlfriend and back at the house we had store bought pizzas. It is very hot!


I met up with one of my brothers in Bristol to go back to my mum’s house to look through her things. My train fare was £9.45, with a third off using my railcard. The taxi to my mum’s house was £15. I bought lunch at the local shop for £4.79. The deal was my brother would pay for the taxi back to the station and I told him to take money out but he believed he could pay by card. Turns out he couldn’t, so I had to pay. Another £13, but he’s promised to pay me back.

I had a few bags with me so back in Cardiff I caught a taxi home, which was £8. I did a quick run, made a decadent batch of veggie chilli cheese fries and had a zooms drink session with my friends. It got pretty emotional for all of us at certain points. Everyone has something going on in their life that could be better, and I truly believe all feelings are valid. It’s not like I think I’m the only person with problems, or the worst problems now that my mum has died. I want to be there for my friends with all their problems too.

I went to bed late, but I expected that.


I got up when my alarm went off at 10am. I always set an alarm, even on weekends. I was still sleepy from a 2am bedtime, but I wanted to get on with my day.

I had a long to do list to do and I got stuck straight on it. I have been meaning to update my email address to a new provider after issues with my current one. After some research I decided to go for a professional account with a secure provider who look really good. That was £43.41 for a year’s subscription to their service. I then signed up to a couple of other tech sites. One was £33.99 for a year of their service. And I got a free month’s trial on another tech site, but that will be £7.95 a month going forward.

I later went to the shops and bought 2 face toners for myself, £3.38. I went to the local Tesco too for food shopping. I did my shop and was debating whether to get some more alcohol when I saw my favourite Welsh whisky Penderyn was on sale with £11 off its price and there was only one bottle left. I took it as a sign I should get it. The food shopping came to £51.07. Back at home I checked my bank accounts and noted that my wine club subscription had come out, that was £20. As had my beer subscription, £26.90. I also paid back my flat mate for food shopping he had bought whilst I was away, which was £20.81 worth of stuff.

I’m drawing a close on today. I really don’t want to spend any more money today and I usually try to finish this blog post early on a Sunday, because then I’m not tempted to do any more shopping as I would have to come back and edit this.

I bid you goodbye on this week.





Spending Diary 20th – 26th July 2020

Spending Diary 20th to 26th July 2020

Hi all,

I must precede this late spending diary with the information that on Monday 20th July I received the news that my wonderful mum had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack. It has understandably been a very hard time.


Before I received the news about my mum in the evening, I had been having a good day. I got things done at work. Then I left work early to view a house as the flat mate and I are looking to move out in September. We decided to get a chippy for tea. That came to £12.15, but we split the cost of that. I started my latest session on the book course I signed up to but quit halfway through after my brother phoned me to tell me about my mum.


My flat mate and I took a walk to a local park to clear my head. He treated me to a pasty and cake from a nearby bakery. The walk helped a little but I was still desperately sad. I continued with my daily runs as I didn’t see how they would make me feel worse and they might even make me feel better, but it was clear this grief was going to take time.


The flat mate went to the shops and bought milk, alcohol free beer x 2 packs and 2 x bottles, Pepsi, tissues, bread, cheese rolls, cookies, cucumber, orange juice, jam tarts, tomatoes and strawberries. This came to £22.33, but again we will split it. We will also split the cost of the £7.95 coffee from the subscription company Pact that came out of my account today.


Early bird sale entries for the 2021 October Cardiff Half Marathon went on sale and I took advantage and bought one. That came to £39.96, and I saved £5 from it. I also asked my colleague to tell me what my share of another colleague’s birthday presents was and it came to £3.10. My work friend was reluctant to bother me with news of the birthday costs but I insisted.


I have been having alternating bad and better days since finding out the news about my mum’s death, and this was a particularly bad day. It was made better by my flat mate’s girlfriend coming round and him deciding to treat us all to an Indian takeaway.


My brother and his girlfriend came to stay yesterday due to us going over to where my mum lived today. She lived nearest to me. I live in South Wales and she lived outside Bristol. My train fare cost £9.45, but I saved a 1/3 due to my railcard. I bought 2 sandwiches from the local shop to my mum whilst I was going through her things at her house. That came to £3.81 but I saved 84p using my co-op rewards card. My brother paid for the taxi to my mums and I paid for the one back which including tip was £15.

Back at my house we all felt too tired and sad to cook dinner so we ordered an Indian takeaway. The same place that we ordered from the day before. What I ordered came to £15 rounded up. Despite the circumstances it was quite nice to spend time with people. We took all the necessary social distancing precautions of course.


My brother, his girlfriend and I went to get ice creams at a local place to me. My two scoop pistachio and elderflower came to £3.95. We went for a walk around the nearest beauty spot. When we came back we played board games. Later we went to the shops and from the household budget I bought prosecco, onion rings, pizza dips, pizza, garlic bread, macaroni cheese which came to £16.65.

It has been a very hard week to get through, and I predicted I would be very upset on the 27th July when the first week since I heard the news passes.






Spending Diary 13th – 19th July 2020

Spending Diary 13th – 19th July 2020

Hi everybody!

I hope you are all well. This week had a couple of notable events. Some good, some bad. I’ll take you through it.


Back to work again. Today I did a short run that took in posting a letter to my Grandpa on the way round. I had quite a productive day at work and achieved a few things. I finished a season I was watching on Netflix. Today I didn’t spend any money.


After work today I did a speed intervals session after work as my run of choice. I tend to pick days with bad weather to do that as there will be less people about. And it was another day where I didn’t spend any money.


Today I did something I had been saving up to do for ages. I signed up to turn my Word Press blog into a premium site so I can redesign it and get rid of all the ads. Yey! That was £84. I had been saving up for a while and I didn’t quite have enough but I decided to just jump in, move some money around, and do it now. The flat mate went to the shops today to buy some house supplies. That came to £7.62, but we split the cost of all the household shopping in half. I will spend some time this weekend playing around with Word Press and making my site look pretty.


The flat mate fancied something different for dinner, so he went to the shops and bought houmous, halloumi, falafel and salad items and we had wraps for dinner. The shopping came to £12.06, but once again we split that in half. My run incorporated picking up my prescription from the pharmacy so I only had to leave the house once today.


Today I received the bad news that my Dad had suffered another stroke. He had a major stroke in December last year and has slowly been recovering and gaining his speech back. This stroke was mild in comparison, but it is still a blow to the family. I’m so confused by lock down rules, especially because I live in Wales which has different rules to the other UK countries that I’m going to have to look into how I can see him. I just crashed out in front of the TV this evening and didn’t do much.


I was really sad this morning and it took me a while to get up and get going. It was after midday when I finally began doing things. First of all I made a lovely strawberry cake which I’ll put the recipe up for on here.  I then went to the shops to do the big weekly food shop. That came to £36.27 because I tried out my Tesco Clubcard Plus app which I had been given a 2 month free trial of and it gives me 10% off my shopping. I’m not sure whether I will make back the cost of it when I start paying for it, so this time is just to see if I like it or not.

I did a 5km run later on which didn’t make me feel better but it didn’t make me feel worse either. In the evening I had zoom drinks with my friends and I may or may not have drunk a whole bottle of white wine. Whoops. I had a really good time though. I watched the end of a music documentary downstairs with my flat mate and went to bed shortly after that.


My plans for today are to do a long run and do some writing and other bits and bobs. I treated myself to watching a show in depth on TV this morning. Normally I just put something on and have it going in the background whilst I do other things, but this I really paid attention to and even took notes!

I went out for my long run at lunchtime. 13.22km. It was tough in parts but I powered through it. I had a shower and took care of my weekly beauty admin – shaving, face mask, etc – and then I made an amazing omelette. I used to not be able to make omelettes at all. I have gained this skill during lockdown.

I was really tempted to get an ice cream after the run, but decided against it to save money. Which is just as well as I went on to buy a copy of Jack Monroe’s latest cookbook ‘Good Food for Bad Days’ That was £5.59 and will arrive tomorrow as I have a free one month trial of Amazon Prime. A bit of an impulse purchase, but I really do love Jack Monroe and their recipes.

I don’t anticipate spending any more money today, so I will sign off.





Spending Diary 6th – 12th July 2020

Hi everybody,

This week is special for me because on ‘hump day’ I will only have 50 days left until I am debt free. I started the countdown on my blog from day 100 so I am half way through the countdown, though obviously it’s been a lot longer than that.

But I digress, let’s look at my wallet.


First Monday in 5 weeks that I didn’t have off as annual leave. It felt good to be at work. I had a new range of work to begin this week which I was very excited about. I had a good day at work. I made use of working from home by doing a strength workout in my kitchen at lunchtime. After work I did a 10km run to make up for not doing one on Sunday. The flat mate and I made spaghetti Bolognese from things we had at home so that kept us out of the shops today.


I got paid all my Amazon vouchers from my side hustles today. I had £50 on my account in vouchers. I decided to buy things I needed so I bought the Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook 2021 that is released on the 23rd of July, a French grammar book for beginners, a beauty spatula and a lavender pillow spray as I’ve been having trouble sleeping. The order came to £50.01 so after I used all my vouchers it cost me just 1p! I was so happy about this. I was prioritising comfort for my future self by buying things I needed instead of all the CDs I wanted, so I was proud of myself.


To celebrate there only being 50 days until I become debt free I drank rather a lot of wine today. I think a later 0% alcohol beer is bizarrely what pushed me over the edge. To celebrate the 50 day countdown I did 50 press ups, 50 squats and 5 x 50 second planks (standard x 2, reverse and each side). I did a small run as well. I had my most productive day of the week at work which was nice. I had some things to do with my book writing masterclass in the evening, and I had my daily French lessons on Duolingo too. I decided I needed to do a financial forecast for August, so I spent some time doing that this evening.


The flat mate convinced me to get a take away today. I owed him two for design and branding work he is doing for me so this would be the second one. We fancied a Mexican so we ordered from Taco Bell. I had three things and the flat mate had four things and it came to £22.98. It was money very well spent, I loved it! I was in a celebratory mood because of the 50 day countdown so I was very happy to get a takeaway.


At work today I received the best news I could have ever hoped for. My Fixed Term Appointment position had been converted into a permanent position. This would make my financial future so much more secure and help from everything to getting a rental contract to eventually getting a mortgage one day. I guess yesterday’s takeaway was a nice precursor to today’s good news. My subscription to the environmentally friendly laundry capsules came out of my account today and I checked and I now have so many that I pushed the next delivery back to late August. No point buying more than I need to buy, that’s just money down the drain. I considered buying something to celebrate my job news and it was made further tempting by Marks and Spencer’s giving me a £10 off voucher to celebrate the launch of their new Sparks loyalty service, but I decided against it in the end. I didn’t really need to buy anything and I should save my money for things I do need to buy.

I didn’t really feel like cooking so I just had some instant noodles for dinner, then I tidied up the house which is something I love doing on a Friday as it means the house is tidy all ready for the weekend and that’s one less thing to waste my time on then. I did a French lesson on Duolingo, my French grammar book turned up today, as did my lavender pillow spray and beauty spatula yesterday. My Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook 2021 isn’t released until the 23rd so I have a while to wait for that.


Saturday is typically my shopping day. The flat mate and I tend to only go shopping once a week now. Before Covid-19 hit the UK I would probably go to the shops most days and buy a small amount of things on whim, now everything is planned out in advance and we shop infrequently, but we shop much bigger than we have done previously.

I bought a wide range of groceries. No alcohol for once, I am tempted to get some whisky, but I figured I would use up the alcohol at home. I bought lots of fruit and vegetables, chocolate and crisps for the flat mate (and some for me!), lots of store cupboard tins and sauces, drinks, dairy products, fish and vegetarian products and finally some doughnuts as a treat. Doughnuts are my kryptonite. I spent £47.15 and I bought so much stuff that an hour later my arms are still sore from carrying back the shopping to my house. 6 bags and a backpack! I think shopping will have to become a 2 person job from now on!

I also wanted to treat myself on a small scale, but I don’t really have money for unnecessary treats. What I decided to do was get some beauty products. I needed a face mask pack and a face wash, but I decided to get a face scrub too. I am well stocked now.


Today I did a long run, my longest run since the 14th March. It was 12.25km long and it felt great to do it. I had my daily Duolingo French lesson. My flat mate and his girlfriend went to get ice creams from a local store and came back with one for me – peanut butter and strawberry. It was amazing! He didn’t even want any money for it, so today was a no spend day. We had a late Sunday dinner as it was far too hot to have one earlier in the day, and we watched Rocky III. I decided to go to bed at a sensible time too.

Now, let’s see how much I spent this week.







Spending Diary 29th June to 5th July 2020

Hi everybody,

Welcome to another week in the life of Flo’s wallet!

I’ll take you through my spending.


Today is a glorious day because today is pay day! Is there any better day? Who knows? I spent some time paying off my credit card bill this morning that was £117.19. This is just a credit card I use to do some flexible payments, I always pay it off in full on pay day. My goal for July is to not use it at all, let’s see how that goes!

I also transferred money into my sinking fund pots on Monzo. A sinking fund is where you put money aside each month for an expense that happens at irregular periods, such as annual things like insurance, Christmas etc. Or you could also have a pot you put money in for things like ‘Car repairs’, so you always have money set aside for when you need to buy new tires or similar. My pots on my Monzo card include Christmas, Home Insurance, TV License, Water Bill, Web Domain Names and Word Press. So I transferred what I put into them each month and that left me with £100 spending money for the month.

I needed new moisturisers so I took advantage of a voucher Cult Beauty had sent me for 15% off my first order. I’ve been really eager to buy from them. I chose two moisturisers, a day one and a night one, from a company called Versed and that came to £30 but after discount it was £25.50. A bit more than I would have liked to have spent but my friend who knows everything and anything about skincare had recommended some products to me previously and my skin cleared up immediately so I wanted to continue trying products she recommends.

I had £20 come out of my account as my first deposit for a mail order wine company. This will be split on the food bill as the flat mate benefits from the wine as well. I ordered my first crate with them last month and have loved it! I don’t think I’ll continue with this after lockdown is over and I’m back working in the office, just because I think it would be too difficult to order wine to be delivered, but it is nice for now.

I went to the shops as I have the day off work and bought cleaning supplies in Savers which came to £18.85 that will be split with the flat mate on the food and household shopping budget. I also bought myself a few beauty supplies in the same store, which came to £9.95.

I then went to Tesco and it’s hard to say what I bought that made the cost of the shopping come to £69.28, but nowadays nothing surprises me price wise during lockdown. It was a big food stock up shop. The shopping included a 1kg tub of peanut butter, loads of different herbal tea bags as I have finally used up my complete stash in lockdown, and various tins and long life stuff. I made sure to buy a jar of jalapenos just in case I get another craving to spend all my money on a Domino’s again.

I then went and bought the flowers I will be sending to someone for their birthday. The flowers and card came to £27.98, they were worth it.

I’m going to have to be a bit careful with money as I’ve now spent most of it and still have some birthday’s to come this month and the takeaway I need to get my flat mate in exchange for branding work. I have enough money for all those things, it’s just if I get a sudden impulse to buy a bunch of random crap that I’ll get in trouble! And it would be really nice to not use the credit card this month.

All in all an expensive day, but pay day usually is a spendy day isn’t it? Everyone is excited about having money again so goes and buys the things they couldn’t just the day before. And I really do have everything I need now.


It was back to work today. I had a lot of stuff to catch up on from having the day off yesterday. There were a few things to wrap up as it was the end of Quarter 1 at one and that means soon I’ll be having a review with my line managers about how it has gone. There were a few niggly tasks to do as well. At lunchtime I did a strength session, mainly bodyweight exercises. After work I ran a 5km which brings my mileage for this month up to 75 miles. Go me! I’m going to reflect on the goals I set myself for June. It was a bit of a mixed bag. Some stuff I didn’t do at all and a lot of the things I did do was a real rush to get done in the last week of June. I hope I’m better prepared in July.

I made a huge lasagna on Sunday where the main ingredient was carrot. It’s because I had a load of sad looking vegetables at the bottom of the fridge I had forgotten about and I didn’t want to waste them. I’m a big fan of batch cooking, making that lasagna has taken care of dinner for three days in a row. It’s a nice little treat to have a nice dinner to look forward to each night.

In the end I didn’t spend any money today, woo hoo.


I had a few things come out of my account today. I had my monthly crate of craft beer be taken from my account. That was £26.90. I also had my subscription to Tribe protein bars come out, that was £22. Finally I had a £20 amount be taken which took me a long time to figure out what it was. I later realised it was another deposit to the mail order wine company because I had tried to change my payment date to the beginning of the month not the end, and it had taken the payment twice. Oh well, at least my wine fund is nicely funded now. All of these will be split with my flat mate, so the £68.90 is actually £34.45.

The water bill finally arrived, the post has been a bit slow obviously because of lockdown. It was less than I was expecting, by which I mean it was similar to the last bill’s amount and I figured it would be more since the flat mate and I have been at home full time for three months. My share of the bill was £110.70. It is my flat mate who has the account set up to pay it so I left it for him to deal with.


The beer delivery came today, as did my order of moisturisers. I love getting post, even if it is stuff I knew I had ordered.

The flat mate and I split the final portion of lasagna and had it with sweet potato wedges and broccoli. We have now run out of some things and I expect we’ll be hitting the shops at the weekend, we should really go back to food planning and making sure we use up what we have in stock first.

On my run today I went a route that would go by a postbox so I could post the letter to my Grandpa. The run streak I’ve been doing has really helped me be creative about fitting in my runs, such as doing my errands on the run. I probably wouldn’t have figured that out if I hadn’t decided to do a run streak.

At work it is another colleague’s birthday soon and I’ve been in charge of organizing their gift. I’ll leave the amount out of this in case the work colleague reads this, but I’ll include my share in the week’s total. I had nearly all of the other team member’s shares come back into my account so I am now nearly fully funded again.


I missed out on tickets to see Fontaines DC in my home city, boo. I didn’t think it would sell out that quickly even though everyone said it would. To cheer myself up I bought a ticket to see Echo and the Bunnymen next year, a band I’ve always wanted to see since getting into them. The ticket was £54.15. I made sure to sign up to insurance on the ticket. If this year has taught me anything it is that you never know what is going to happen!

The flat mate wanted something nice for dinner, so off he went to the shops and came back with take away style pizzas and a whole bunch of other unhealthy stuff. Yummy. He spent £24.55 in one shop and £8.40 in another, but we will split the costs. The pizza was so big that I could only eat half of it which is unheard of for me. We watched wrestling in the evening. I had already gone for my run that day. A good thing too because that pizza really was huge.

My friend is going to be copy editing some written work of mine. I wanted to pay her for her work but she wasn’t keen for whatever reason. We eventually compromised on a donation to a food bank in return for her services, so I sent £33 to my city’s local food bank tonight.

I probably didn’t imagine when I woke up today that I would spend all the money I did, but I feel everything I bought has had a good value.


I woke up late, boo. I had a quick coffee and breakfast then I ran into town. I was under the belief my bank was open, I had checked online yesterday. When I got there however it was very much shut. But at least I had gotten my exercise in for the day.

On the way back from the ill-fated trip to town I stopped off at the shops to pick up tomato ketchup for my flat mate because last night with dinner he was devastated when he discovered he didn’t have any ketchup. He really was devastated! So I bought him some today to cheer him up.

I had a zoom session with my book writing masterclass, and then I spent about 2 hours finishing a course on Duolingo that I was really struggling with. I’m learning French, technically I have a GCSE in French, but that was 15 years ago and it was a mediocre grade C so I definitely wouldn’t say I am skilled in the language. To be honest I think Duolingo is a better teacher than any actual teacher I had in high school. One teacher would write the lesson on the board and not even speak to the class during the lesson at all. That same teacher also once didn’t show up to class and we all bunked off and it was never discovered. No wonder I did so poorly.

I had another zoom call in the evening with friends from work. My poor phone got a bit overworked today, I’m always having to charge it. My laptop is over 9 years old and I’m amazed it still does anything at this stage, though there is an awful lot it doesn’t do. I would love to get a new laptop but that is a far off purchase for when I am richer which is probably going to be never. Oh well. I can dream.


Disaster. I woke up at 12:30pm. I didn’t go to bed till after 1am but I am still disappointed with this waking up time. I have got to get my sleep under control again. I always struggle to sleep well in summer.

I went for a small run with my flat mate, then I made some banana bread. I made banana bread all the time before lockdown but I almost refused to make it during lockdown because it’s one of the lockdown bingo things to do. But I love banana bread and I had three bananas turning black and squishy so it had to be done. I jazzed it up with coconut flakes and dates, yummy.

I will be doing my pub quiz in the evening with my siblings, and other than that I have no plans for the rest of the day. I’ve already done my 5 French lessons on Duolingo, je suis chez moi is the latest sentence I’ve learnt (I am at my place). I might watch Rocky III in the evening with my flat mate, and eat some banana bread of course.

So with that I will sign off the week.


FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING = £212.78 / £106.39 (my half)









Spending Diary 22nd to 28th June 2020

Hi everybody,

I hope you are all well. I had a really good week, though my wallet took a bit of a beating.

I’ll take you through my week.


I had the day off work today. I booked off every Monday in June. It was definitely what I needed at the time of booking them off but I’m actually looking forward to when I go back to a 5 day working week again. I did a really nice run and had leftover salmon curry for dinner which was lovely. I had a meet up on zoom with the people in my book writing masterclass which went very well. In terms of spending I have run out of the products I previously ordered from Lush and I was really debating whether to buy more as they are great, but they are expensive. In the end I caved and bought another small bottle of American Cream conditioner and a small pot of Ultrabland cleanser. The bigger sizes are better value for money, but I can’t afford that upfront cost at the moment. The Lush order came to £26.95. I also saw that my subscription to SMOL laundry capsules came out, so they will be coming to me in the post. They are £3.85, but that will be split between the flat mate and me. We are now over the food shopping budget and will have to sort that out at the end of the month. Because I’m having trouble sleeping I decided to take advantage of that and stayed up late to watch Call Me By Your Name on Film 4 as I had heard it recommended on the radio. Such a beautiful film.


My subscription to Pact coffee came out of my account today. I order one bag of coffee from them each month and they are divine. I love trying new things, even if they are on the small scale. That was £7.95 but it goes on the food shopping budget, so we are still over budget. I did such a big shop on Sunday though that I won’t really need to buy anything for the rest of the week, if I’m careful. It was back to work today and I had a really productive day. After work I went for my daily run, 5km today. I ran nearly 4km yesterday running to and from the pharmacy, I find doing things like literally running my errands means I can fit the exercise in. I made a pizza dough from scratch and covered it liberally in anchovies and olives, a taste not everyone will enjoy but I love.


I felt really nauseated today. It was the hottest day of the year in the UK and I was just melting. My sourdough started had exploded everywhere as well, I guess that means it’s really active. I had to pick up a new prescription so I did my same run commute to the pharmacy to pick it up. I felt terrible when I first started the run and walked a couple of bits, but I felt much better as the run went on. I didn’t spend any money today either, yippee!


My flat mate went to a big supermarket and picked up a wide selection of non-alcoholic beers. The ones I bought from Flavourly last month were great but very expensive, they cost more than my crate of alcoholic beers did! I knew the big supermarket would be cheaper. He came back with £31.40 worth of beers for the both of us, so in the end it was a similar spend but we did end up with many more so it was cheaper. As part of my book writing masterclass I had been watching videos with special guests and one is a writer called Penny Haslam who has written a book called How to be a little bit famous about self-promotion, so I decided to buy the Kindle version of that for £6.02, saving £2.59 on the print edition. I also took out a mini trial subscription to Women’s Health magazine as I had been looking out for a good deal and saw a ‘3 issues for £3’ deal. I had been considering buying a copy in the shops as I have been really craving reading it, so buying 3 issues for £3 and delaying the gratification was a much better deal than just buying one issue for £4.70 or however much it is.


Today I put forward my contribution to a joint gift which I will include in my weekly total and not here as I don’t want the giftee to see. I did that through Monzo which I absolutely love for helping me manage my money. I went for my usual run after work, the same 5km route I usually do. I did a strength session and some Duolingo French lessons and I watched some Netflix. I had a small dinner that wasn’t actually that nice as I had overcooked the salmon, bleurgh. It’s weigh in day for me tomorrow. I don’t do slimming world or any nonsense like that, but I did used to go to it once upon a time and one principle I’ve taken from it is the weekly weigh in, so Saturday mornings are my weigh in day which I use to record my progress on the MyFitnessPal app, which is why I tend to be quite good on Friday evenings.


Had a rubbish night’s sleep. I really struggle in the heat and my sleep has fallen apart anyway so it was bad on both counts. I had insomnia the night before which did mean I was up till 2am finishing the book I was reading, so at least I was productive with my insomnia. I watched an old Euro 96 Germany versus England football match on TV, I had never seen it before but I knew how it was going to end. I went for my run after that. I ended up running at a very comfortable pace and really enjoyed it. If I can go at that pace tomorrow I should be able to do a 10km without too many problems. I wrote a bit in the morning, I did loads of lessons on Duolingo and I made store cupboard fish cakes. I’m going to chill in the evening. I’m going to start compiling a shopping list for when I get paid as we do need more things but I am trying to spend as little money as possible until then. I have plenty of food but will probably go to the shops on pay day. I’ve really been craving jalapeno’s, especially on a pizza. I nearly ordered a Domino’s on Tuesday as I was craving these so much. I just made a pizza instead.

I caved in to another magazine deal, this time three issues of Women’s Running magazine for £5. I hope I have time to read all these magazines! This was a bit of an impulsive purchase, but it was another thing I was going to buy just after I had found a good deal.


And another week draws to a close. I don’t plan on spending much money today, well, truth be told I don’t plan on spending any money. But I’ve said that before! Tomorrow is pay day and I really want to end the month in good financial health with some money in my account.

I have been putting things on my credit card this month. I keep a track of every single purchase and incorporate it into my spreadsheet of bills so that I know to pay it off as soon as I get paid. I spent £117.19 on my credit card this month and it is all listed ready to be paid off as soon as I get paid. I am in control of my money at this point and I never spend more than I can afford to, so I am not concerned by spending money on my credit card. It is more about being flexible with when I buy things, though my goal for next month is to not use the credit card at all.

I’m going to sign off this week as completed spending wise. I’ll take you through what I’ve spent.

FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING = £43.20 / 2 = £21.60



That’s better than I thought it would be this week! Right, I’m off to do a food plan and bake some bread and think about how I’m going to use up all those sweet potatoes and carrots I bought.



Spending Diary 1st-7th June 2020

Hi everybody,

Let’s see what this week holds in store for me.


I had the day off work today. I woke up later than I would have liked at 9am, but at least I had a decent amount of sleep. It was pretty hot last night and that makes it hard for me to sleep.

I was trapped in the house as I had to wait for a FedEx delivery driver to come and collect an incorrectly delivered parcel from the week before. They came and said the parcel was missing the correct label and they couldn’t take it with them, so that was that. But that did mean I was free to leave the house after that, so I combined my daily run with going to the shops. I went to Savers to pick up some laundry and cleaning supplies for the month ahead. That came to £21.81 but it will last us the rest of the month. I split the household shopping with my flat mate so it only cost me £10.91 really. I also picked up 2 body scrubs, 2 toners and 4 SPF lip balm’s for myself that came to £10.32.

I then headed to Iceland and picked up bread, milk, orange juice, 2 packets of cheddar cheese, frozen sliced peppers and frozen diced onions and that all came to £9.69, or £4.84 for my half once it is split with my flat mate.

Hopefully we will have enough food to last us a good while. I’m really trying to avoid going to the shops as much as possible.


Back to work, it seems like I have less time to do things now in lock down compared to at the start of it. Maybe I’m just prioritizing different things now. I do do a lot more writing now than I did at the start of lock down. That can only be a good thing. Plus now I am trying to blog every day counting down to being debt free.

But today was Blackout Tuesday, so I didn’t blog or go on social media. I just quietly pottered about the house thinking of all the injustices in the world.

My delivery of craft beer arrived today which was great. I am trialing getting a new crate delivered every two months. I like trying new things. This was ordered the week before and featured on last week’s spending diary, but it was £26.90 for those who don’t want to go back. I am unlikely to continue with this after lockdown is over (having it delivered would be a hassle given that I work full time and run all the other times) but I am enjoying it for now.


The flat mate joined me on my run today. That was nice, it’s nice to spend time in other people’s company, though obviously I want everyone to be safe and will keep up my standards. We keep meaning to do a food plan to organise what we are going to eat over the next week or so to keep us out of the shops, and only buying what we need when we do go shopping. We do have a lot of things in store so we haven’t had to go to the shops since Monday. The flat mate and I take it in turns to go to the shops, so it is his turn next. We made spaghetti Bolognese for dinner and made an extra portion for a lunch another day. No money was spent.

Running every day is easy if you just plan when you’re going to fit it in. I do a lot of running to and from the shops, small runs but every little helps. It is a good way of remaining active during lockdown.

The FedEx driver from Monday also came back to pick up the parcel, it turns out it was just a miss communication and the wrongly delivered parcel didn’t need a new label. Glad that was over with. That is the second wrongly delivered parcel I’ve had in lockdown, I wonder why they’re all happening now.


Went for a run, this time on my own but my flat mate said he would join me for a run tomorrow. It was just a short distance of 3.91km but it was just what I needed. We made dinner using things in the house though my flat mate is talking about doing a food shop soon. We didn’t have to spend any money today which was good. I was expecting my case of wine to arrive today but late in the day I got an email from the supplier to say the delivery had been delayed and it would take up to a week extra. Disappointing but not the end of the world. My beer orders had arrived this week so I still had things to drink. I am trying to only drink 3 days a week, generally that would be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am looking forward to having my first drink of the week tomorrow.


The flat mate did go to the shops today. He bought a real mixture of things, he really likes sweet things and has a major sweet tooth in general so he always buys more sweets then I typically would. He came back with cookies, ice cream, ice lollies, strawberries and breakfast biscuits, along with things like ingredients for a stir fry, vegetables, cheese, falafel and frozen foods. His shopping came to £41.89, so about £20.95 for my half. We had gone for a 5km run before he went to the shops and got caught in a rain shower, though I didn’t mind it as much as the flat mate did. The flat mate left a few things off the shopping list as he did do a massive shop and couldn’t bring any more than he did back (neither of us drive so do everything on foot) so I will be going to the shops tomorrow to pick those items up.

I decided not to have any alcohol today as we were going to be having a lot of cookies for dessert so my first drink of the week will be tomorrow. This means I am one day up on my target of 4 drink free days a week which is nice. Doesn’t mean I can go crazy on Saturday and Sunday though!

I do need to begin to think about getting more toiletries again soon, but I am going to hold off for as long as possible as I don’t have much money left this month and I want to be careful. I tend to hold off doing shopping for as long as possible now whereas before lock down I would tend to just buy things as soon as I felt I needed them, now I am really trying to extend my products life span and go shopping as little as possible.

There are a few other things I’m considering buying such as more sports bras, but I will hold off until I know I can afford them. I really want to subscribe to more magazines as well but they aren’t essential purchases so they go at the bottom of my buy list.


I had a bad night’s sleep where I kept waking up during the night. I woke up wide awake at 5am and decided to get up. Predictably I did later fall asleep on the sofa around 8:30am but I had managed to have a productive morning first by sorting out my inboxes at long last. I deleted so many emails and folders, now it is all nice and streamlined. I used to work on a ‘keep it just in case’ system, but after I went on a records management course in January through work I began to see this system was totally ineffective. So I’ve been meaning to tackle my inboxes ever since and today I finally got round to it. I have already tackled my work inbox this week so it was time to do my personal ones.

I did go to the shops early in the morning. I went to Tesco for Beetroot Juice, Pepsi, Milk and Bananas and then I went to Holland and Barrett to buy Tahini Paste. Combined the two lots of shopping came to £9.14, so £4.57 for my half. I timed my visit to the shops quite well as there weren’t that many people there so I didn’t have to queue.

I did a few admin tasks at home then the flat mate and I started watching an old Euro 96 game of Scotland versus England. My flat mate told me I couldn’t miss the second half, so I quickly went for a run just before half time and came back when the second half was just starting again. It was good!

I got a lot done on my to do list, but not everything, but one thing I did do was the weekly pub quiz with my siblings, it was nearly a full house with 5 of us in total (I am one of 6 siblings) and my sister’s children all take part too so it was good fun. It was a tricky quiz put on by my brother and I came second to last, but I don’t care, I’m just there for the fun of it. I had some low percentage beers during the quiz so it was nice to try out them.

The flat mate and I watched 13th on Netflix, and it just devastated me and made me so sad and angry and depressed all at the same time and it made me realise I could be doing so much more and it is clear that we need to in this climate.

I went to bed later than I would have liked and I made it worse by reading for a bit (A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami, I am reading all of his books in chronological order as a personal challenge I have been wanting to do for years). But I fell asleep quickly which was good.


Sunday Funday! I am not going to spend any money today, at least not if I can help it, so I’m going to sign off this week.

I have been setting up a Facebook page and Facebook group for this blog, new today, if anyone wants to join me on those, and I also have a Twitter and Instagram account. This blog is still going to be the main source of information, but the other accounts have their purpose too.

I wish you all a lovely Sunday and a great week next week.








Spending Diary 25th to 31st May 2020

Hi everybody,

Let’s hope there are no surprise near £500 writing courses this week!


Bank Holiday Monday in the UK. I spent it at home cooking, writing, blogging, watching Netflix, running, reading and having a go on Duolingo. What a lovely day it was. And best of all I didn’t spend any money!


I thought my pay slip would be released today, but I’m guessing the bank holiday affected it as it wasn’t released on my HR portal at work. Oh well, it’s not the end of the world. I will get the information tomorrow. I just like having all my financial information to hand as early as I can. I’m sad like that.

I was fast running out of time to get everything done. Just because I’m in lockdown doesn’t mean time is endless and infinite, there are still problems with getting everything done all in one day and I hope people aren’t getting caught up in the idea of toxic productivity, as that’s not good for anyone’s mental health.

So I needed to think strategically to make sure I fitted in my daily run. So I decided to do my errands whilst running. I ran to the post office to post some cards to my relatives in Ireland, then I ran to the pharmacy to pick up my repeat prescription. Posting the cards cost £2.44, I’m really excited about posting the cards. I’ve become quite addicted to posting letters during lockdown, luckily there are a lot of post boxes near me so I can easily social distance whilst posting letters.


On the blog post for today (92 Days) I think I said I hadn’t spent any money. What I did very soon after that blog post was buy two notebooks and a French/English dictionary on Amazon. The order was £33.43, but I had a £10 Amazon voucher to use so it was only £23.43, plus free postage and packaging, does anyone ever actually pay for postage on Amazon? A couple of hours after that purchase I decided to research a book I read about in the Metro newspaper years ago about someone who can speak multiple languages, all self-taught. After a bit of digging I found the book (Fluent in 3 Months by Benny Lewis) and I bought a kindle version of it for £2.99. I tend to do things both impulsively and passionately. Before March 2020 I had little interest in learning French, but wasn’t totally against the idea, and now I am throwing myself deep into it.

My run today involved passing a postbox to deposit two birthday cards and a letter to my Grandpa. I rather shamefully didn’t write to him this much before lockdown so I am trying to make up for things now and I will keep up the letter writing after lockdown too. My Grandpa is the strong silent type. I am also quiet and reserved. Although I do love him, I have not always found it easy to communicate with him because both of our natures are to be in the background observing. He needs an extrovert to bring him out, much like I do. My dear deceased Grandmother was definitely an extrovert.

I find it easiest to express myself through writing. Talking I find a struggle. Writing brings me out of my shell and you can see the true me.


Pay day, yippee! I promptly did some household shopping which consisted of a 12 case of wine for £47.88, a 20 pack of non-alcoholic beers for £36 and I brought my subscription pack of craft beer forward by a couple of days as my beer supplies are depleted, and that was £26.90. The alcohol supplies in total came to £110.78, or £55.39 for my half of them according to the flat mate and my food budget arrangement.

That should take care of my alcohol needs for a good long while yet. I tend to be a boredom drinker and times like these make me drink more, so I am really trying to be careful as I do take being drink aware seriously. I’ve already got a drink free days monitoring app and am aiming for 4 drink free days a week, but I think I will look into another app that monitors the units I drink each week.

I will need to do some food shopping soon but I’m planning on stretching it out till the weekend. I still seem to have enough in the flat and it is good to reduce time outdoors as much as possible.


Last week I decided to try and organise a virtual bake off with my work colleagues with me as the judge, and due to me being the only one to submit an entry I ended up winning according to my rules. I had decided I would donate £5 to the winner’s chosen charity. I was the winner, but I already have 2 direct debits set up to charities I care most about, so I asked my colleague’s for suggestions for other worthy causes and one suggested the RSPCA, so I donated £5 to them.

I was able to keep myself out of the shops today, I had initially been planning on going to the shops today but I thought I would leave it. I drank the last 150ml of Malbec we had in the house with dinner, saving the 200ml or so of pink gin in another bottle for Saturday’s zoom drinks with my friends. I am debating whether to get some more sports bras this month or next month but I’m going to hold on a little while longer until I see what sort of deals I can get on my shopping. The only trouble with a run streak is I have spent nearly the entirety of this month in sports clothes and it would be nice to wear some pretty clothes for once.

I have also really been craving getting a magazine subscription to something like Women’s Health magazine, I have really been desiring to read it during lockdown. I know it’s not essential but it does make me happy and helps with my wellbeing. But I will hold steady for now as it is best not to spend all my pay day money in the first week.


I had a terrible night’s sleep, which is such a shame as Thursday’s sleep was so good and it made me think my sleep was back on track. It was extremely hot and stuffy in my attic room and I couldn’t sleep. As a result I woke up at 12pm which I hate. I hate it when I wake up past 10am, let alone the afternoon. I have to work extra hard to get my day back on track.

I went to the shops. Well, just the one. I had to do a big shop so I would be splitting my shop across two days’ worth of trips. I went to Tesco and bought a lot of stuff, vegetables, fruit, dairy, store cupboard, treats, frozen and fresh, a lot of things. It came to £44.89, so £22.45 for my half. I got really grumpy because I saw numerous counts of people lacking awareness over lockdown restrictions. From the person that came right up next to me and reached over me to grab something (about 2cms distance, not 2 metre’s), to a man who coughed and cleared his throat without covering his mouth near a queue of people (who all gave him a filthy look) to another person spitting on the ground. I find all this behavior unacceptable at the best of times, but especially during a pandemic of a virus caused by human contact. Idiots.

I did my daily run, just one more to do before the weekend/month ends to have completed my running streak for May. I’m planning on doing a 10km tomorrow. I’m going to have to plan a new route I think, I’m not sure I can do two laps of my 5k route, I’ll have to look into it.

I had a nice dinner of a brie and roasted red pepper panini with sweet chilli sauce, then I had my zoom drinks with my friends from work which saw the end of the pink gin. There is now no alcohol in the house, so I guess Sunday is a drink free day by default.

I went to bed fairly easily at about 11pm, hoping for a good night’s sleep.


I woke up naturally around 5:20am, but decided to try and catch a few more sleeps. I woke up again at 5:50am feeling wide awake so I got up and began my day.

I do a weekly pub quiz with my siblings and it’s my turn this week to devise the questions, so I spent my early morning doing that. At around 10am I left the house to do a 10km run, which went very well. I am by no stretch of the definition a fast runner, but I can travel a long distance fairly easily. I came back and had a shower and checked my emails and saw that one of my beer cases is likely to arrive today, as are the notebooks and French dictionary from Amazon. Glad I had my shower quickly.

I was considering going to the shops to pick up cleaning supplies and do the rest of the shopping, but I’ve decided to switch that to Monday instead. I have the day off on Monday, I’ve booked off every Monday in June to have a bit more time to myself. I plan on doing lots of writing and running on those days off.

I was also considering looking into buying some toiletries, but I really do have plenty of them. I could do with some body scrub, and Vaseline and a SPF lip balm, but it seems to place an order for just those things. I can pick them up at some other point.

I did donate £22 to a friend’s fundraiser. She is in serious need of an operation and although we have the brilliant NHS here her only real option at this moment is to have the surgery privately due to the demands on the NHS at the moment.

So with that, I declare the spending for this week is done!


FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING – £77.84 (£155.67 total)


TOTAL SPENDS – £138.70




Spending Diary 18th to 24th May 2020

Hi everybody,

I wonder what this week brings for me spending wise. Hopefully not a lot!


I woke up late today, I’ve been having trouble sleeping recently. I struggle to fall asleep at night which means I sleep in late the next morning which I hate. I guess the lucky thing about working from home is there is no commute so I was still able to begin work on time.

I had a few tricky issues to sort out at work, and things took a further turn for the worse when the Flat mate said he had seen ants in the dishwasher! Grim! I put a dishwasher cleaning pot in the dishwasher and ran it on a hot cycle and hopefully that will help the problem. I can’t wait for the ant killer to arrive. I tried to find some in another shop yesterday but there was none to be had.

After work I went on Duolingo for about an hour to ‘parle francais’ and was able to finish another section on it which felt good. Then the flat mate and I went for a short 2.5km run around the neighbourhood. I’ve taken to running on residential streets as opposed to the nearby park and it is so much better and quieter making me feel much safer. We had falafel and hummus wraps when we got hot with sweet chilli sauce, lush.

For the last week I’ve been doing a challenge run by author and life coach Michael Heppell called ‘Write That Book’. It ended today with a live webinar on zoom, there were prizes to be had, but I didn’t win anything, but I was expecting that and it wasn’t my motivation for joining the challenge anyway. I’m under no illusions that most of this was to promote his masterclass which he was launching after the challenge. He previously said the course would be around £1500 which I knew there was no way I could afford so I wasn’t going to do it, but then in the webinar he said he had an early bird discount making it just £495. I had a budget in my mind of around that price which if the course was that much then I would sign up for it. Now I had to make some decisions, because I don’t just jump into things without thinking about them. So I got out my computer and the spreadsheets of my monthly budgets and did an analysis to see how I was going to pay for it, and only when I knew I could pay for it and not have it delay any of my other financial goals did I pay for it. I have never spent £495 or even anything remotely near that for a course before, but I know it will be worth every penny. Plus, I could put this on my self-assessment tax return as a training cost. I’m not sure I will bother but it’s good to know I’ve got that as an option.


I woke up to the bad news of finding out my payment for my subscription to a ground coffee company had been declined. I had been meaning to swap the card I make that payment on around as I had been charging it to my Monzo card when I would prefer for it to be my main account. I tend to keep the card balance at ‘zero’ on Monzo and keep everything in the pots until I need to spend that money, so it wasn’t a case of I didn’t have the money, but I still take payment declines quite badly. I took this opportunity to change the payment cards around on my account and they will try the payment again tomorrow.

It is a work colleague’s birthday soon and one of the team had organised gifts and let us know that each person’s share was £3.50, so I transferred that to them through Monzo. The gifts are amazing, the birthday colleague is going to love them!

I had a good working day. It is Mental Health Awareness Week at work as part of a wider Health and Wellbeing campaign, so I attended a MS Teams talk on sleep. Mine has got all out of sorts recently but I’m making a concentrated effort to get better at it. I’ve been trying to enforce my digital detox from 9pm and go to bed at a sensible time. I’m slowly getting there.

I had to go to the shops after work. I can’t believe how fast we’re getting through food. I’m definitely going to increase the food budget next month going forward. I’d rather end the month in budget then try and scramble to find the money to pay for groceries. The shopping contained a mixture of fresh, frozen, store cupboard and toiletries. It came to £26.65, so £13.33 for my half. No surprises if I tell you that we have gone over the food budget already. I’m really going to have to watch that.


The coffee subscription payment came out, so that was £7.95 (£3.97 between me and the flat mate). No payments declined this time!

I was given a new task to do at work so that kept me busy. I went for a run after work and found it really difficult. They did say on the news that today was the hottest day of the year so maybe that was why. I had some toiletries I had ordered online arrive in the post so that will keep my skin in check for a while. I have adult cystic acne and a lot of acne scars so I try to look after my skin as much as I can. The acne has mostly cleared up over the years but I still have the old acne scars remaining.

Luckily I didn’t spend any other money today, woo hoo!


I had my subscription to a sustainable and environmentally friendly dishwasher tablet producer come out today, £4.50 (£2.25 each).

It’s my last working day of the week as I have tomorrow off work and it’s the bank holiday the following Monday. I obviously have no plans due to lockdown, so I think I’ll just do a lot of tidying up and admin tasks I’ve been putting off.

As you know from my daily post on this day I was in a bad way mentally today. I did manage to do a small run but I just felt awful like I was going to burst into tears or scream or have a full blown panic attack at any moment. My flat mate suggested that my lack of sleep this week may have been playing a big part, so I decided to not set my alarm for the next day and just allow myself to wake up after I had had enough sleep.


I read an article on Women’s Health website about lock down burnout being a condition at the moment, and based on how I was feeling yesterday I could have answered yes to all 5 of the symptoms of lock down burnout, such as having a low mood, not being able to concentrate and having little motivation. After a good night’s sleep I felt a lot better compared to yesterday but I think I need to take some time off work. I previously didn’t see the point in taking any time off work during lockdown as it seemed a waste of annual leave, but if it makes me feel better it can’t be a bad thing. I think I will ask my line manager about that when I return to work after the bank holiday weekend.

The flat mate and I did a 6km run, he also had today off work, it went a lot better than last time I did this route so that cheered me up as well.

Other than that I just pottered about the flat and did things like spend a long time on Duolingo learning French and watching Netflix. I went to bed at a late time which wasn’t good, but I still have a bit of time to sort out my sleep.


I woke up at 5:30am originally and did manage to finish a book I’ve been reading for a while and back up my work on my laptop, but then I just kept falling asleep on the sofa. Silly Flo.

I’m debating whether to go to the shops and buy some food or make do with what I have left in stock in the house. Financially I could benefit from spending less money, but I would like to have more options for cooking over the next week. It’s just such a bugger going to the shops, I really try and put it off as much as possible.

In the end I caved and did go to the shops. Fruit, dairy, frozen. I still don’t get why people aren’t social distancing in the shops. It’s not that hard.

I spent £27.82 (£13.91 my half) at the shops. I’m really not going to try and go to the shops again before payday. I did look into my food stores and I could have lasted without going to the shops, but I wanted to make nice things and maybe some treats too, and some of the things we needed.

It was my only spends of the day, though I did get tempted by some notebooks as I am fast running out of my supplies.


Today I plan on making jam tarts, spending time on Duolingo, watching Netflix, doing a long exercise bike cycle and doing my daily run.

I don’t plan on spending any money today, though I believe I also said that last week and then went to the shops. I certainly intend to stay in today.

I have just made 17 jam tarts and they are cooling, I will post about them and the recipe, though it’s not really a recipe as such, or at least not a complex one, but still that’s part of my ethos. I will spend some time on Duolingo whilst they are cooling as I am quite close to topping the leader board of my league and that seems like something to care about in lockdown.

Life really isn’t too bad. Some days I struggle, other days I’m on top of the world. I guess that’s the way of life. It is all ok.



FOOD SPENDS = £33.46

TOTAL SPENDS = £531.96

Spending Diary 11th to 17th May 2020

Hi everybody,

Money is fast becoming a priority. I am so lucky to be earning a full wage and be able to work from home during this time, but that doesn’t mean I can stop doing my best with my money. I am classed as a low earner, so I think my earning potential is limited, so I will always have to be careful with money. Though I can see that currently I am doing ok.

Let me take you through this week.


The Monday after the Bank Holiday weekend. I ended up having my most productive day at work since working from home, so I really felt good about that. But it looks like we may have the beginning of an ant problem in our flat. Which is even stranger given that it is a first floor flat. Before today the flat mate and I had never seen any ants in our flat, ever. Today we saw, and killed, four. I have a mild ant phobia and this did bring on some anxiety for me which took a little while to calm down from. I dealt with it proactively by going through all the cupboards that store food and wiping them down and cleaning them with the old style favourite of distilled white vinegar spray. It stung my nostrils a little but the cupboards looked all nice and shiny. I placed opened packets of food in sealed jars and Tupperware’s to prevent a further problem. Haven’t seen an ant since this afternoon so maybe they know not to mess with me.

I received a £50 Amazon voucher from a side hustle market research panel I’m signed up to today, so I placed an order that had been in my online basket for a while. I bought a foot rest as it would really help my posture at my work desk, some cleanser that my skin care expert friend has recommended, a writing set, a ceramic food storage container that I am going to attempt a new sourdough starter with, some dots for spots (a skincare treatment for pimples) and some reusable bamboo kitchen roll that I’m going to give a try. The order after vouchers was £13.34, the bamboo kitchen roll I’ve placed on the food shopping budget so that was £8.49 (about £4.25 for my half) and the remaining £4.85 I counted as a ‘beauty’ category spend on my spreadsheets.

I also had a delivery of a 6 pack of oat milk, 2 packs of V60 coffee filters and a packet of ground Welsh coffee. I haven’t actually had the invoice yet so I’m not sure how much it will be.


I received the invoice for the coffee shop delivery yesterday so I paid that straight away. It was £25.31, so £12.66 for my half.

The ants are still being a bother. I am deep cleaning various areas of the house and hoovering the floors and spraying white vinegar everywhere. Our house smells like a chip shop, but I like it now.

The flat mate and I cooked a batch of spaghetti Bolognese that will do for tomorrow’s lunch as well.

I have been taking part in an online book writing challenge, though interestingly it doesn’t really involve much writing. But it is a good way to get feedback on various things such as the potential title for my book, and I’m actually really coming to like it. It’s good for me to get out of my shell and do things that may help me in the long run.

Money is getting tight as the month draws on. The food shopping has naturally gone up now that the flat mate is back and I really don’t think we’ll make it to the end of the month with the food budget in tact so it is about minimizing the damage where possible.


The ants are bothering me so much that I went on Amazon and ordered some ant killer. I tried the humane way, it hasn’t worked. The ant killer was £7.39 which the flat mate and I will split between us. It was the flat mate’s turn to brave going to the shops and he came back having spent £40.02 which is normal for lock down prices, but it means we only have about £25 of the food budget left to last 2 weeks, so my worries yesterday will almost definitely come true. I guess I’ll just have to cope with it. Or maybe I’ll look to see if I can increase the food budget for the months going forward. I’d rather have a plan and reduce my disposable income then be caught by surprise at the end of the month.

My friend gave birth two weeks ago and I’m finally getting the hang of using Moon Pig, so I ordered her, or more specifically her son a card to send to them. That was £4.05. I’m the sort of person who regularly took advantage of the ’10 cards for £1’ Card Factory deals so these cards are really starting to add up cost wise but I have come to quite like them. People should have nice cards.


I was feeling really ill today. The flat mate and I had made a big Indian dinner the night before and I was feeling bad from it today. Knowing I was too nauseated to eat much lunch I went for a long run at lunchtime to make the most of it. Long is a relative term, it was 6km, but certainly longer than any other run I’ve done since lock down began. It was a truly terrible run when I was doing it, but when I got home and recovered from my increased nausea I felt much better about it.

As a result of this I didn’t spend any money today which is good!


I have a rolling three month subscription to a magazine called ‘Money Wise’ that is definitely worth every penny of the small £7.50 charge every three months. That payment came out today. I had forgotten about this coming out of my main bank account though I knew it would be coming out this month. I work to a zero based budget in my main bank account only holding enough money in it for bills and food, so if I let this £7.50 charge come out it would mean I would eventually go overdrawn. So I transferred £7.50 from my Monzo account as this magazine subscription is definitely a fun spend back into my main bank account.

The Flat mate had gone to the shops earlier today and spent £14.05 (£7.03) on a few bits and pieces for the fridge. We know don’t have very much of the food budget left at all so I imagine we will go over budget this month for sure.

We considered watching ‘Long Shot’ on Netflix as a friend had recommended it saying it was better than expected. The friend probably meant the Charlize Theron and Seth Rogan film, but instead we found a 40 minute Netflix film about a wrongfully convicted man in Los Angeles and decided to watch that one instead, and I do recommend it.

I’m eagerly awaiting our ant killer to arrive. I’ve tried getting rid of them humanely and they just keep coming back. At the end of the day they are a pest and I want them out of my flat. I’ve deep cleaned so many different areas of the flat and I’m pissed off that they’re still here, it’s really bothering me.

I had gone for a run along a new route today. It was also much quieter. I think I’ve finally twigged that just because I live opposite a park it doesn’t mean I should run away there because everyone wants to be at the park. On my way back after finishing the run by the edge of the park there were Police Community Support Officers talking to people and asking them what they were up to which just highlights that it is a different world we are living in.

One good thing about lock down is when I turn my work computer off at 5pm I can be at the ‘pub’ (my living room) within 1 minute to begin the weekend.


I practiced my French on Duolingo today for about an hour. I did a small 2.22km run. Later on I did some writing. In the evening I began investigating products I needed to buy as part of my skincare regime. Something I had in my Amazon basket seemed to have been removed from the site so I began looking for it on other sites. I found it on the Superdrug website and as I needed a few other things I ordered them too. It was my first time using the site for an order and I had to figure out which products would be in stock to order as some things I originally placed in my basket weren’t available to be delivered, so I had to replace them. I bought hair remover, serum, eye cream and body scrub. It came to £22.72 which was the majority of what I had left remaining in my Monzo account so I really don’t have much left to survive the month with, but then again it’s not like I’m going anywhere or doing anything.

The flat mate and I started watching End of the F****** World and I’m not sure what to make of it, it is a bit grim and dark though that’s not usually a problem for me. I’m so glad I’m not a teenager anymore, far too many hormones raging about the place. It’s much easier being an adult.

My sleep has fallen out of balance recently. I used to do a digital detox and now I’m still on my phone and laptop late at night and I need to work on that as it’s messing with my sleep. I’m going to spend tomorrow onwards getting back into the habit of going to bed and getting up at a sensible time. I much prefer my old routine of getting up at 6am and going to bed at 10pm.


I don’t normally spend any money on a Sunday, at least not during lockdown. I have no plans to go to the shops as I’m planning on doing that tomorrow. I don’t really have any disposable income money left so I won’t be buying anything personal for myself, so that is the end of my spending for this week.


Turns out we had run out of gravy, so I went to the shops and decided that I might as well blow the budget and buy everything we needed. A biggish shop later of £31.70 (£15.85) will hopefully keep me out of the shops for a while.


FOOD = £126.96/my half £63.48