May 2020 Financial Projection

Hi everyone,

I got my pay slip yesterday and pay day is tomorrow, therefore I have time to do a projection of my money for the month ahead.

I earn £20725 a year. Depending on my performance at work I can expect a bonus of about £150 (before tax) each quarter.

This month I seem to have been taxed differently as I have a slight increase in my pay. That’s fine with me!

Here is a breakdown of my bills


Rent £375 (my half)

Council Tax £77 (my half)

Energy £75 (my half)

Broadband £17.49 (my half)

Food £150 (my half)

Debt £150

Life Insurance £14.76

Mobile £7

Gym £27 (This is a £7 donation of sorts to my gym whilst it’s closed and £20 to a personal trainer to devise a lock down at home work out. Normally it would just be £19.99 a month)

TOTM £6.80 (subscription order sanitary products)

2 x Charity Donations £10

Netflix £3 (my half)

Any bill that is followed with the words ‘my half’ means the monthly cost is double, but I split that bill with my flat mate. Some bills come out of his account and some come out of mine and we transfer the respective money to each other, but for point of ease I’m just showing what my half of the bills cost.

TOTAL £913.05

INCOME £1404.42

TOTAL LEFT £491.37

Now here is where the fun starts, what do I do with my ‘disposable income’?

This is where my sinking funds come in. A sinking fund is where I keep my money for bills that come out less frequently then once a month. It’s where I put money aside for savings, etc.

Here’s what I do with mine, my budgets have been dramatically changed due to lock down so what follows may not be an accurate description of a typical month, but it is reflective of the month ahead.

Beauty £7.50

Christmas £67.50

Clothing £7.50

Health £7.50

Home Insurance £10

Races (Running) £7.50

Renew Passport £20

Royal Mail Redelivery £6

Running Trainers £7.50

Savings £200

TV License £9.85

Water Bill £40

Web Domain Names £20

Word Press £5

TOTAL £415.85


Some of the above are higher than they would be normally because at the start of this year I couldn’t save very much money at all and so some bills are due to come out soon, and I don’t have the money set aside for them just yet. For instance my ‘Water Bill’ sinking fund will usually just be about £20 a month, and Christmas would be £50 a month.

My goal is to get to a point where I am saving 20% of my net pay each month, but at the moment it is just a bit too difficult and I would rather save a bit less and keep it untouched then keep raiding the piggy bank.

There’s not much to get up to at the moment due to lockdown so it should be easy to keep to the £75 fun money in the next month. Though I am lusting after a magazine subscription, but I must be realistic about needs versus wants.

So that’s it everyone, a little glimpse into my finances. I would like to get to a point where I can pay for Duolingo each month, and I would quite like to try out Disney+, but they aren’t important and what is important to me is looking to see if I can go on holiday after lockdown with my friends.

My debts are taking care of themselves and will be gone within the next four months. It’s a little hard to believe my debts will soon be gone. I’ve had them for so long and they’ve been such a part of my identity (in a bad way) for so long that it’s hard to get used to.

I’m sure it will get easier.


Financial Review of Weeks 13, 14, 15, 16 (I’m sorry for the delay)

Here’s the thing about working 7 days a week. Even when the 6th and 7th days of working total just 8 hours you find you lack the time to get everything done.

My Blog has taken the hit.

I will proceed with the financial reviews:


Pizza, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Cookies, Bread, Milk, Yogurt 8.35
Super Big Tesco Delivery 114.34
White Bread and Cucumber 1.15
Juice, Cheese Slice, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Garlic Bread, Cheesecake, Bag for Life 8.14
Carrot Chips, Corn on the Cobs, Onion Rings, Chicken Strips, Chicken Popsters, Cheese Pizza x 2 11.98
Potatoes, Orange Juice, Carrots, Milk, Popcorn, Raspberries 5.99
Flu Powder, Face Wipes, Moisturiser, Hand Sanitiser 3.85
Toothpaste, Floss, Shower Gel, Handwash 4.86
Toothpaste, Soothers x 2, Vanish, Allergy Tablets, Toothbrush 7.45
Greaseproof Paper, Coconut Water x 4 2.75
Toothbrush Holder 0.29
Rolls and Lettuce 1.75
Spray Oil x 2, Laundry Cleanser x 2, Toilet Roll, Bag For Life, Laundry Bag 11.34
Massive Pizza, Jon Pizza, Cookies 6.5
milk 1.09
tortilla chips, rolls, cookies, gum 2.74
Milk, Carrots, Bag for Life 1.37
bread, doughnuts, garlic bread, lasagne, cucumber, parsnips, bag for life 6.6
Sweetcorn, Cheese Pizza 3.5
Orange Juice, Ice Creams x 2 3.9
Aqueous Cream, Hair Remover Cream, Bath Foam, Body Scrub, Razors, Face Masks x 3 7.87
Sprite Six Pack, Fanta Six Pack, Orangina, Garlic Pizza Bread, Canneloni, Bread, Cookies, Bag for life x 2 11.2
Colour Catchers, Cotton Pads, Toner, Hand Cream 6.56
Chicken Dippers, Marmite, Chicken Breast, Mince x 2, Peppers, Onion, Boy Pies 19.86
Prawn Crackers, Yoghurt 1.85

TOTAL SPENDS = £255.28 (WEEKLY AVERAGE = £63.82)

We are already over budget for this month of April and still have a week to go so it’s not going that well.


Milk for work 0.8 WORK EXPENSE
Easter Egg for Jon 4 GIFTS
Prawn Sandwich 2.2 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Pie Minister 17 SOCIAL
2 x Sets of PJs 34.05 CLOTHING
Apple and Banana 0.67 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Tupperware From Paperchase 1 HOMEWARE
Ale 4.5 SOCIAL
Burger and Tea 10 SOCIAL
Pizza 6.5 SOCIAL
Shonen Knife T Shirt 15 CLOTHING
Make Up 30 MAKE UP
2 Pairs of Trousers, Exercise Tights and Top 24.05 CLOTHING
Let’s Eat Grandma Ticket 10 SOCIAL
Peach Green Tea Lemonade 3.35 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Chiropractice Groupon 23.95 HOBBIES – HEALTH
Food for Homeless person 4.28 GIFTS
Plastic Cutlery 0.75 WORK EXPENSE
Water and Mango Coca Cola 1.8 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Pint of coke 1.99 SOCIAL
Lipbalm 1.2 MAKE UP
Train to Grangetown 3.4 TRAVEL (DAY TO DAY)
Paying Postage on an unstamped card 2 POSTAGE AND PACKAGING
John Lewis Gift Card 15 GIFTS
Chocolate Treats for Hedy 2.5 GIFTS
Money for the Nie-phews 20 GIFTS
Posting the Kids Treats 6.9 POSTAGE AND PACKAGING
Indian Takeaway 16 SOCIAL
2 x Flat Whites 4.8 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Tissues for work 0.39 WORK EXPENSE
Milk for work 0.75 WORK EXPENSE
2 x Beers 7 SOCIAL
Posting parcel to Chris 1.87 POSTAGE AND PACKAGING
Boots Meal Deal 3.39 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Kimono 4.99 CLOTHING
coffee and apple 3.15 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Five Guys Burger, Fries and Drink 12.15 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Donation to Ben 15 GIFTS
Cookies and Donuts for a homeless person 0.78 GIFTS
Milk for work 0.8 WORK EXPENSE
Boots Meal Deal 3.39 NON ESSENTIAL FOOD
Next Voucher For Tudor 10 GIFTS
2 x Books 9.98 HOBBIES-BOOKS
Manics Vinyl 20.04 HOBBIES-MUSIC
2 x Cocktails 8.45 SOCIAL
Five Guys for 2 25.45 SOCIAL
Ice Cream 2.5 SOCIAL
Jeans 5.99 CLOTHING
Milk for work 0.8 WORK EXPENSE


I promise I will be better at blogging from now on.

Financial Review of Week 5/52 2018

Hi Everybody,

The house needed restocking of food, apparently, despite the cupboards being full, but I think I just have ‘new month = new stock’ as a train of thought in my head.

This week I had some pretty good bargains, or ‘wombles’ as I call them. I bought a £61.65 Amazon order which contained:

  • A meat thermometer and raw meat chopping board (as although I don’t eat meat The Boy wants to introduce some real meat into his diet instead of frozen and probably inhumanely reared meat).
  • A Mother’s Day present for both my Mum and Step Mum.
  • A birthday present for my friend’s nearly 1 year old daughter.
  • A birthday present for the friend above.
  • A copy of the Queen album ‘Jazz’ as I own it on Vinyl but not CD.

This order only cost me £1.65 as I used £60 in vouchers I had earned through my side hustles.

I also ‘wombled’ the below:

The Linguine and Ground Almonds I received from a friend who had listed them on OLIO, and the beers were given to us from The Boy’s parents as they were leftover from a meal we had together on Friday.

Lets get on to my spending this week.


Macaroni £0.56


Tomato soup x 2, Milk, Greek Yoghurt, Margarine x 2, Microwave Rice x 4, Food and Freezer Bags, Frozen Peas, Gum, Frozen Fruit, Night Cream, Quorn Pieces, Mozzarella, Spaghetti, Tomato Puree x 2, Stew Pack of Veg, Cucumber, Celery, Apples, Cheese Rolls, Naan Bread, Cherry Tomatoes, Lettuce, Bread, Poppadoms, Eggs £24.76




Amazon order £1.65


Bus £3

Train to Newport £5.30


Padlock for gym locker £4.50


Pie and Cider £13.80

Takeaway Chinese £15





October 2017 Accounts

So I got into debt in October. I have paid the debt in full, but I’ll explain how it happened.


(A quick recap. I do my monthly expenses posts based on the full calendar month, but my accounts posts run from payday to the day before the next payday).

WAGES £1215.03

PRESENT £50 (My dad sent me the money probably because he felt sorry for me)

SAVINGS £1.15 (Yes, that was the total of my savings)

SEALED POT £4.58 (This was one of those money tins that is hard to open)

TOPCASHBACK £20 (For switching energy suppliers)


TOTAL = £1297.73


Now time for the less fun bit.


Excess Food Budget Spends £51.67 (Seriously went over last month)

Expenses Post September Payday £47.09

Expenses Pre October Payday £313.58 

Bills £1142.50

TOTAL = £1554.84


MONEY IN (£1297.73) – MONEY OUT (£1554.84) = -£257.11

So I got into £257.11 of debt last month. This was the excess spends on my credit card I referred to in my previous post (see here if interested). I have paid that off in full now, so I am back to square one.

No more additional debt, just the horribly big underlying amount.


October 2017 Spending Review

Hi Everybody!

(I always begin these posts with ‘Hi Everybody!’ to try and attract attention for the posts which historically get the least views)

So time for an analysis of how my disposable income was spent in October. This is what I was calculating on my spreadsheet at 11.50 pm yesterday.

GIFTS £37.68

The majority was gifts for my work colleagues, a birthday present for a friend and a few treats for my parents.


Ok, so if I am doing a ‘No Spend Year’ I think it is fair to say that has been truly scrapped and it is fairer to call it a ‘Low Spend Year’.

This is high, and a lot of it could have been avoided. But it did include £34 on bra’s after it transpired I have been wearing the wrong size for somewhere between 3-6 years. I think you can forgive me for that.

By the way ladies, do get your breasts measured professionally. I have the happiest breasts ever now that they are safely and comfortably encased in a bra that support and fits and I don’t have to pull up the straps every 30 seconds.



Not bad, but all of those journeys could have been avoided if I had been less lazy.

HEALTH £10.67

Travel insurance to see Queen in December and gum, lots of gum. (Gum has been classified as a health expense because I have increased thirst due to my medication and chewing gum helps with that).

SOCIAL £130.16

Not bad, well actually it is a lot of money, but I had a good time.


Going to see my parents ‘daan sarfff’ (Down South, but in a south coast accent) and going to see my sister in Norwich (I don’t have that accent). This could have been a lot higher but I decided to get the coach to Norwich as it was only half the cost of the train and would only take 8 hours….

TOTAL SPENDS = £400.91

So, disclosure time.

About 5/8ths of that spending was put on my credit card. I have paid that credit card in full, but I had slipped into the habit of buying things when I didn’t actually have the money to buy them.

I am a bit scared of this, so didn’t put the food shopping on the credit card either like I have been doing recently as I don’t want to be reliant on it. I may put it somewhere safe at home.

When I applied for the credit card I set up the direct debit to be paid in full each month as I knew that if I did fall into bad habits that would force me to keep on the straight and narrow. It works a bit like a charge card.

Next up will be a post about my October 2017 accounts, so I have warned you.


Financial Review of Week 43

Hi everybody!

Well it is only three days late, here is the financial review of last week.


(Quite frankly an indecent sized) Pizza £3.65

Milk, Cheese, Toilet Roll, Bread, Bag for Life £5.96

B I G Online Morrison’s Food Shop £55.96

TOTAL = £65.57

This is reasonable, unfortunately the Boy may have run amok whilst he was at home alone what with me being away and I will come home to find receipts for all sorts of fancy crap.




Tea and 2 x Lime and Soda’s £3.40

Curry Night £10

Supplies for visiting family £14.22

Water and Chocolate £2.67

Train to Brighton £6.90

Tea and Cake £4.30

2 x Glasses of Wine £7.90

TOTAL = £49.39

Not bad considering payday happened. That usually causes me to bend the plastic friend.



5 x Bus Tickets £5.60



Cardigan (It is BEAUTIFUL though!) £4.99

Sandwich £1.50 (The sandwich was not beautiful)

Coffee £1

Sandwich £2.50

Coffee £1

Roll £2.30

2 x Sandwiches £3.20

Coffee £2.30

Coffee £2.59

Money Wise Magazine £3.95 (In theory it should save me money, right?)

TOTAL = £25.33

Am I Joey Tribbiani? I seem to eat a lot of sandwiches.



Lots of gum £6.46

Travel Insurance £2.23

TOTAL = £8.69



2 x Tea and a Coffee £6




Ok, so you know what I was saying about my spending not being bad?

Yeah, I screwed up.



Be Prepared to be Bored…6 Month Expenditure Comparisons

I decided that on the 1st of April 2015 I would start keeping a thorough spending diary. I said that this was because it was the start of a new tax year but really it was because I hadn’t had the idea in January.

I never expected to keep it up, but I did. And since that date not a single purchase has gone unnoticed.

I decided for sh**s and giggles to do a spending review at the end of September 2015, which sounds like I had given it a lot of thought but really it was because I hadn’t actually kept track of the spending in any formalised way, I had just shoved the receipts in a folder.

And then I decided to divide the spending into categories as by that point I had fallen in love with spreadsheets (they still remain one of the loves of my life).

I won’t bore you with gory details, but let’s look at some stats concerning my disposable income and food/household spending.

APRIL 2015 – SEPTEMBER 2015 TOTAL SPENDS = £3105.35

APRIL 2016 – SEPTEMBER 2016 TOTAL SPENDS = £3670.45

APRIL 2017 – SEPTEMBER 2017 TOTAL SPENDS = £2856.16


So this means…

Average spend per month (on food and fun times) in April 2015 – September 2015 = £517.55 

Average spend per month (on food and fun times) in April 2016 – September 2016 = £611.74

Average spend per month (on food and fun times) in April 2017 – September 2017 = £476.02

So compare this year, the ‘no spend year’ to the first year I started keeping records and my spending has decreased by £41.53 a month (or just over 8%). This is a saving of £249.18 during that time period.

Compare this year to last year, when I went off the rails during my four months of unemployment, and my spending has decreased by £135.72 a month (just over 22%). This is a saving of £814.32 during the same time period.

So for all my struggles with money, for all my cheeky contraband purchases now and again, for all my blog posts that begin ‘I have 72p to last me until payday’ this is clear, hard evidence that my sacrifices have been worth it, that I am making great strides towards paying off my debts, that I am doing well.

Can I get a pat on the back now?

August 2017 Expenses

Yo everybody!

I am watching Extreme Cheapskates, it’s great, I’ve never seen this show before.

Anyway, now that I have the internet again I can finally do all the blog posts I have to catch up on.

Let’s see how I spent my disposable income in August!


I sold some stuff on Ebay, and I always include what I spent on postage as an expense, even though in theory the buyer is paying for it. I also bought some stamps and had to post some birthday presents to people.

GIFTS = £20.49

I bought some things for my in laws to say thank you for helping me with my taxes, I included the purchase of wrapping paper and bought a card for my mum.

SOCIAL = £38.24

August didn’t involve much socialising.


Bought train tickets to visit my parents in September.


I did better in August about not wasting my money on unnecessary bus journeys.

HEALTH = £4.55

On account of my crazy insatiable thirst thing I have now classified chewing gum as a health expense.


This is better compared to July, but I have lost my way a bit.


I am a Consumer, Therefore I Consume

I have been flexing my shopping muscles.

Restrained, considered purchases, contraband in terms of the no spend year but not wild and decadent items in them self, they were all practical, but still I have anxiety.

Things needed replacing in our house. The clock in the kitchen broke, we didn’t realise how essential it was to our ability to get ready until it was gone. The silicon whisk broke ages ago, but I had ‘fixed’ it, but then when a piece of the silicon found it’s way into one of my vegetable muffins I knew it needed replacing. We needed a tin opener, because our old tin opener took about half an hour and lots of strength to get round a tin.

The boy bought the clock, because he has money, whereas I have raided my penny tin several times already this month. The whisk and tin opener were partially funded by the household budget.

I bought an SD card for my phone almost exclusively funded with amazon vouchers, it cost me just £1.21 (which was primarily the postage). I needed that, yet it is still contraband according to my rules, but I am certain it will save me money in the long run as it will extend the life of my phone (and give me space for money saving apps).

And for a long time I have felt that I need a rain coat. Something that is light weight as it may rain all the time in the UK but it gets pretty humid when it does and I’m a sweaty Betty at the best of times. I wanted something that went past the waist as I had a rain coat in the past which ended at the waist which just meant all the water ran off the coat and into my pants. Fun times.

I decided to look at the Tesco website on the basis that I have been saving my Tesco Clubcard vouchers for 18 months and had a hefty £26.50 to my name.

(To anyone who is confused by this I’ll explain. Tesco’s is a big supermarket chain in the UK, I think they owned Fresh and Easy in the USA, and you can sign up for a free clubcard which gives you 1 point for every £1 you spend in their stores. I want to assure you I took advantage of some great deals they put on to gain extra points, and didn’t actually spend £2650 in their stores in the last 18 months)

So I looked on the Tesco’s website and there was a lightweight, yellow (I secretly wanted it to be yellow) rain coat which went past the waist, and yes it was £32 but I decided that the fact Tesco’s clothing range is called Florence and Fred and that the coat was sold out in every size apart from my own as a sign the Universe wanted me to have it.

So yes, I have spent £5.50 on a contraband item, AGAIN, but I feel good that the sum total of my spend on clothes this year has been £5.88 (£9.83 if you include a free item I ‘bought’ but had to pay postage for)

I think my shopping habits this year, whilst being a bit flexible with the rules of a no spend year, are a complete change for the better from the habits that got me into this mess of debt.

I am debating whether I am allowed to buy a orange scented reed room diffuser this Winter like I did last year which made me feel all Christmas-sy and made the Winter a bit more bearable. I know I’m not allowed, but maybe I can find a voucher somewhere for one.

It’s just with every purchase I make I feel anxious. I don’t feel tempted, I don’t feel ‘this feels great, let’s bend the plastic so far my credit card gets a spinal injury’ but I am scared of spending money now.

To be honest I am anxious doing anything financial apart from making money, which means it’s just as well I sold my two guitars today, one to the boy for £15 and one at a cash converters for £10 (it was a piece of crap).

I actually don’t mind selling my things at cash converters because in their buying department they have figurines of the wrestlers Jake the Snake and The Ultimate Warrior which makes me feel happy and like I am with kindred spirits.

I just want to say one more thing. Not including food/household purchases, which are split between the boy and me anyway, but if you take all the money I have paid towards my debts this year, and compare it to how much money I’ve spent on me this year, then I have spent about a third more paying back my debts then I have spending money on things like socialising and yellow-lightweight-past the waist-rain coats.


August 2017 Accounts

Hi everybody.

August was a good month financially. But let’s see just how good it was (dun dun dun)


Wages £1008.05

Tax Rebate £182.20

Ebay Sales £35.13

Selling books £19.03



Bills £835.32

Expenses post July pay day £48.02

Expenses pre August pay day £155.40

TOTAL MONEY OUT = £1038.74

MONEY IN – MONEY OUT = £205.67

Another month where I was in profit, I’m doing good on the whole this year. That £205.67 is roughly what I paid in debt repayments.