How I Saved £20 and Joined My Community

There is a great little neighbourhood scheme called ‘Next Door’ which I am a member of.

Yes, despite being really socially anxious around people I don’t know I also desperately want to be a part of my community. This city may not be where I was born, but it is now my adopted city and I want to be a part of it.

So I joined Next Door, and people in my local area can post notices, or warnings, or ask for advice such as ‘Recommendations for a reliable gardener?’ and generally I just use it to keep up to date with what is going on in my neighbourhood. A couple of weeks ago my neighbour’s car was broken into and I advised them to post a notice on Next Door so the locals could be aware, and potentially come forward if they see anything.

Anyway, I discovered on Friday that there is an advertisement’s area of the website, and I saw that someone a few streets away was advertising a collection of about 20 mixed gift bags, all for free.

As I had 4 bottles of booze to wrap in bags, I requested the gift bags immediately and collected them on Saturday morning. I met a neighbour, I saved some money, I helped my neighbour recycle/declutter, what’s not to like?

I have saved myself at least £5 on the four bottle bags alone.

I just have to remember to take off the already used labels!!!!

My OLIO Haul

These two bad boys are the reason why I ‘braved’ going out into the torrential rain and generally bad Welsh winter weather this evening, wrapped up in a jumper dress, hoodie, rain coat and woolly hat (I was very cosy and only mildly damp).

I have made friends with someone through OLIO, and she is pretty much the food waste prevention champion of Cardiff (also she may be able to help me get a job so it is all good). She listed these squash’s on OLIO last night and I promptly requested the hell out of them.

I am not entirely certain what I am going to do with them. I am also not entirely certain what type of squash’s they are, but I like a challenge.

This has also reminded me that I am aware of a few things in my cupboards I need to list on OLIO, so I will crack on with that.