Let’s Celebrate

After yesterday’s post on here I received a notification from WordPress which informed me that I had just made my 200th post.

That means I have averaged over 1 post a day, which is great as I know there are around 5-10 days when I didn’t post this year.

I started this blog years ago. I posted sporadically at best during those years. I didn’t have dedication or discipline to post everyday.

I decided to use this blog space (I was still paying for the domain name after all) to blog about my debt free diary and my no spend year.

I thought all I would do was post about my finances, as that is what interested me.

But it became more than that.

I didn’t want to depress people, but I started having bad blips and bad moments of anxiety and I changed my medication to try and help me cope with that. I wrote about those days. I noticed that they got more attention than any of my previous posts, which I only mention because it made me realise there are others like me.

There are other people suffering from anxiety, social anxiety, depression, mental health difficulties, borderline personality disorder and the like.

I received comments, and I treasured each one, because it made me feel in a small way that I was reaching people and maybe in some small way I was helping.

I feel desperate, sad, bad about myself and the future. But one thing I don’t feel is alone.

So you may read this blog for all the talk on money saving and my financial weekly reviews, you may read it for the cheap and easy recipes and for preventing food waste, you may just be here for the daily posts of someone who finds the world a constant and daily struggle. You may be here because I have occasionally mentioned books and who doesn’t like books?

Whatever you are here for, I’m glad you are reading.

Please let me know why you visited today, what you like, what you dislike, whether you think I have too many spelling mistakes (I do try to keep them to a minimum) or whatever. Send a Haiku.

Thanks for stopping by. Here’s to my next 200 posts.


My goals for 2017 updated (and progress so far)

Hi Everybody,

At the start of the year the boy and I set individual goals and combined goals.

On our epic train journey back home yesterday I decided for s**** and giggles to have a look at them in my notebook and see how we are getting on.

I think the boy would be horrified if I posted his again, so lets just look at mine.


  1. Be able to fit into leopard print coat by Winter 2017.
  2. Pay off 2 credit cards or 1 credit card and £500 of my overdraft.
  3. Get a full time, permanent job.
  4. Take my health seriously.
  5. Blog consistently.
  6. (BONUS GOAL) Love the boy as much as humanly possible.

Let’s see how I am doing:

Be able to fit into leopard print coat by Winter 2017.

Well, I am not there yet. But I will be.

Pay off 2 credit cards or 1 credit card and £500 of my overdraft.

I think my aim here was to pay off £1000 of my debt this year. And my current debt repayment amount stands at £1196.15.

And the year isn’t even half way through.

Can I get a hooray?

Get a full time, permanent job.

Well, sort of. I have got a new job, one that I applied for and beat everyone else that was interview for, but, and I say this not to discredit it as it is a good job, but it is a fixed term contract job.

Take my health seriously.

I could do better at this. But I am trying.

Blog consistently.

Yep. There have been a few blips recently, but I’ve got this s*** covered.

(BONUS GOAL) Love the boy as much as humanly possible.

On the train I asked the boy how I was doing at this and he said I was failing miserably at it. He was joking. I hope.

If you had asked me how I was doing at achieving my goals I would have said I wasn’t doing very well at them, but look at what I’ve achieved! I’m going to smash the debt repayment total this year, and I’m making good strides in all the other areas.

Bring It On.