Financial Review of May 2017’s Disposable Income Spending

Hi everybody, It’s the end of the month which means ‘END OF MONTH FINANCIAL ANALYSIS’ which is all fun and games in the Flo Household. Let’s look at how my money left my wallet this month. SPENDING SOCIAL COSTS = £49.64 GIFTS = £15.05 POSTAGE AND PACKAGING = £12.57 TRAVEL (DAY TO DAY) = £11.50 TOTAL SPENDING = £88.76 Quite […]

Financial Review of Week 21

Hi everybody! Sorry for the absence, today is a bumper version of the Financial Review of the Week as it will also include the finalised ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ budget spreadsheet. So here goes: FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Bread, Squash, Pattie £2.75 YEP, That was the only food expense in the house this week. So that […]

Financial Review of Week 20. Ta-Dah!

Hi everybody, Sorry for my maudlin posts yesterday. Life has been getting a bit on top of me recently. I must try and focus on what I can control and change and not what I can’t. Any who… FINANCIAL REVIEW OF WEEK 20 FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SPENDING Milk, Pasatta x 2, Mozzarella, Bananas and Bread £3.46 […]

Financial Review of the Week that Just Was (19)

Ok, so things are a wee bit different the last week as I completely ran out of money and thus had to rely on what remained of the ‘Non Essential Purchases’ birthday money from the boy. I have detailed how I have spent that money in a previous post, so last week’s financial review is […]

Financial Review of … What Week Is This? (It’s 17, Flo)

Hi Everybody, Well this week the shhhhhh hit the fan and things will have to dramatically change. But until then let’s have a look at how the little money I had left my wallet this week. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SPENDING Milk and Bread – £2.68 A big monthly food shop on payday – £91.30 8 x Microwave […]

It’s a Hard Life…Financial Review of Week 16

Hey guys, it’s that time of the week again. Things are getting pretty tight and I have overspent on the food budget and need to reign in all spending. Just a few days to go till payday on Thursday. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Chocolates, Easter Goodies, Biscuits, Cereal Bars, Hot Cross Buns, Pizzas £11.64 Rolls, Pattie, […]

Happy Easter (Financial Review of Week 15)

Happy Easter everyone. I am planning on turning my chocolate eggs into either a tiffin or brownies, but haven’t decided yet. Any who… FINANCIAL REVIEW OF WEEK 15 FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Bread £1.19 Wraps £0.65 Frozen Onion, Frozen Sweetcorn, Frozen Broccoli and Milk £4.33 Indian Sides and Poppadoms £3.45 Milk, Apples, Bananas, Meat Pie for the boy, Sweet […]

Financial Review of Week 14

Yep, it is Sunday again. This week was a bit less spend-y. I hope. Let’s have a looksy. FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING Milk and Bread Rolls £2.74 Pasta Sauce, Pasta, Garlic Bread £4 7 Up, Milk, Squash, Orange Juice, Eggs, Cheese, Potatoes, Bread and Bananas £13.01 TOTAL = £19.75 DISCRETIONARY/DISPOSABLE SPENDING SOCIAL Breakfast with the leftover Wrestlemania Crew £8.70 TRAVEL […]

Financial Review of Week 11

This week has seen me reign in the spending, about time too. I have £6.30 to last me till Saturday 25th when I get paid. I hope it lasts. FOOD SHOPPING Milk (big milk) £1.53 Bread £1.19 Carrots, Parsnips, Anti Bacterial Wipes, Milk, Margarine, Cucumber £4.74 TOTAL SPEND (FOOD) = £7.46 DISCRETIONARY SPENDING Bus ticket £1.60 Milk for work £1.10 Football Ticket £6 TOTAL […]

Financial Review of Week 10 (I WILL SURVIVE)

Hi everybody. Sunday. Reflection day. I made a fatal error today and had a browse in New Look. So many beautiful things I want and should not (and cannot) buy. Oh well. FOOD SHOPPING 2 packs of reduced luxury cookies £1.50 4 Carrots, 1 Onion, 1 parsnip £1 Bread £1.19 Frozen Broccoli, Frozen Onion, Frozen Sweetcorn and Frozen […]